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Subj: Superman World of Krypton 6...
Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2009 at 05:46:10 pm EDT (Viewed 147 times)

The cover was interesting but not so much the inside...


By the time the its-about-time anticipated last page swEEt surprise splash where its obvious that Superman is going to come out of the closet it was too little too late. More detailed delving into Kryptonian culture for the sixth issue in a row just didnt cut it for me. Think'll probably pass on the last half of the maxi at cover. Eep, 6 months w/o Superman?! Hmmm.. Thangarians in #8 miiight be something to see...

And the Alura shaking after public speaking seemed like a mistake. This is the same scary mother- of Kara that has been more bossy than some really funny bossy reference.

My guess is that the assassin was sponsored by Gor, Ursa, Alura or ZOd himself based on nothing but years of comicbooks.

Your take?

JUST discovered that #4 had thisvariant. The main cover is MUCH better but this 'different' art take might be worth noting with a link. Wondering if #6 has a similar variant now.

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