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Subj: Jimmy Olsen so far...
Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 at 08:38:34 pm EDT (Viewed 118 times)

Jimmy Olsen is a variety of things. In addition to all the bizarre and colourful transformations he has up his sleeve, he's the perennial youth, the 50's teen, the goat or the fool (like the fool from a deck of tarot), the everyman, the friend, the samaritan, the idiot, the luckless, the heel, the boy-hero (without being able to be nominated for the Teen Titans), the "little buddy" and more.

Jimmy is all spirit and hope and good luck to him. It's got to be said - he's a much nicer person in sum than the Lois Lane of earlier times. If she's a minx, he's downright humanistic or a boy scout. If she's vain and petty, he just seems humble (albeit wishy washy, though no Charlie Brown) and unconceited. Jimmy's a nice boy. He deserves his buddy-ship with the Big Blue. That's crystal clear.

In SUPERMAN FAMILY SHOWCASE vol. 1, it's business as usual. I'm stoked.

Superman aids Jimmy like a Super Big Brother to win such things as a game of marbles. No Brainiac. No Luthor. Just some so-and-so rigging games of marbles. As Jimmy says in the first title-panel, "Thanks Superman! This practice, against your Super Skill, will help bring back my former boyhood skill." Get out your "aggie" and shoot in "The King of Marbles." Super-Trained Jimmy will be there to beat your ass.

Jimmy tries out a bit of everything... "Jockey Olsen Rides Star Flash" (jockey), "The Betrayal of Superman" (crooner), "Jungle Jimmy Olsen" (a feral Tarzan lad), "Jimmy Olsen, Prince of Clowns", circus clown, "The Invisible Jimmy Olsen" (see through and undetectable boy), "The Feats of Chief Super-Duper" (and so on.)

The art provided by Curt Swan and inked soundly by Ray Burnley is perfecto. Naturally. And Otto Binder's 8 or so page stories don't disappoint.

Reading: Ah, the sweet craziness of an Otto Binder SUPERMAN story. And Curt Swan and Ray Burnley weren't along for the free booze: I've picked up SUPERMAN FAMILY SHOWCASE volume 1. Also polished off the UNCANNY X-MEN: RISE AND FALL OF THE SHI'AR EMPIRE written by Ed Brubaker. The art of Billy Tan shines when the inks are good and dies a little on other pages. Professor X isn't drawn well anywhere. But when the coloring works, because it, too, is a darkening mudslick at times, Billy Tan comes out like a sunny day. Notably on Polaris. The utilised greens there are most wonderful. For an X-Book without many of my favourite characters in it, it went well! Bru keeps inproving his retro-fit Mutant, Vulcan (a third Summers brother) - where as I still can't say the same about Sentry in AVENGERS books. Nightcrawler is a favourite X-Character of mine, and now so is Bru's character, Darwin. (Vulcan and Darwin are writer's pet characters if ever there were any - not that there's anything wrong with that.) Vulcan rises in the ranks in this the same way Christopher Rudd goes up in Mike Carey's LUCIFER.
Listening: Wrenching gospel.
VISIT: The Auckland Public Zoo. I went with human shields Ange and Rache in case of any kerfuffle as I intended to exit again. The tigers wouldn't come out and one of the elephants was dead.

Some of those ol' pre-Crisis Jimmy Olsen moments...

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