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Subj: Perry White's Scoop for October 2, 2009
Posted: Fri Oct 02, 2009 at 11:12:56 pm EDT (Viewed 102 times)

Superman-related news and notes for the week of October 2, 2009: Lots of news this week!


A new Ask Matt column is up at the Superman Homepage. This edition contains some decent questions and not-quite-as-dodgy answers. Improvement!


Newsarama has up a new 10 Questions and One Answer session with Dan Didio. Didio talks about the future -- or lack thereof -- for Superboy (Kon-El), but not much else related to the Superman Family.


CSBG's Brian Cronin points out something I passed right by in December's solicits, and that is that Eric Trautmann will be joining Greg Rucka as co-writer on ACTION COMICS. Trautmann co-wrote CHECKMATE with Rucka and is currently solo-writing the JSA VS KOBRA mini-series. Too bad ACTION COMICS is currently Superman-less, though.


The Source blog has a look at Dustin Nguyen's alternate cover for SUPERMAN: WORLD OF NEW KRYPTON #10. The book is due in December.

MTV has additional details and screengrabs, including two of Ultraman, from the upcoming "Justice League: Crisis on Two Worlds" feature.
According to (producer Gregory) Novacek, the script for "Crisis on Two Earths" originated as a story arc in the "Justice League Unlimited" animated series, titled "Worlds Collide." The series was canceled before (Dwayne) McDuffie's script made it to the screen, so the "Crisis" creators approached the writer about adapting it as a standalone animated feature. The key, according to Novacek, was bringing the story "closer to addressing the DC continuity and not the Justice League Unlimited continuity."

(Voice director Andrea) Romano indicated that the film's storyline will feature a heroic version of Lex Luthor from an alternate dimension who "comes to Earth to enlist the aid of the Justice League to help the entire universe not disappear." As one might expect, Superman has a tough time trusting the heroic intentions of this new Lex Luthor, but is forced to set his issues aside when confronted with the super-powered Syndicate.

"Basically, Luthor is the last hero on Earth," said (executive producer Bruce) Timm of the Syndicate's home dimension.
More at the link. MTV also has a first look at some preview footage. Though due in the spring, a specific release date for the DVD has not been announced.


CBR talks with Chuck Kim, one of the writers on the upcoming JLA 80-PAGE GIANT, about his work on the project. According to Kim, Superman doesn't appear in his portion, but will appear elsewhere in the book.


DC has released previews of MAGOG #2, JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE #4 and SUPERMAN: WORLD OF NEW KRYPTON #8. All three books are due out Wednesday.


Newsarama talked with Geoff Johns and Gary Frank about their work on SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN.
ENLARGE IMAGE Nrama: Did you two talk a lot about the overall vision of this series and what you wanted to communicate? How collaborative was this issue? Were you always on the same page in this story?

Gary Frank: We've been talking about this story off and on for at least a year. There are things that we've hashed out in conversations which have made it into the final cut, but I think it's clear that Geoff has had a pretty clear idea of what this project was going to be about from the beginning.

I think we both share the same vision as to how Superman should be portrayed. It's interesting because, if you get two fans of Superman talking on the subject of the various origins – which bits of Silver Age Supes are good, which bits of Man of Steel don't feel right, etc. – any consensus seems to be pretty short-lived. People have really diverse and passionately held convictions about how this character should be done.

But I just can't find anything in what Geoff is giving me that doesn't seem right. I can only speak for myself, but there has been no tongue-biting on my part. No "Oh well, I'm just the artist. What do I know?" moments. The story Is exactly how I'd have done it if not for the small problem of not having a fraction of Geoff's ability.

Johns: Gary and I have spoken at length about Superman; we've been talking about "Secret Origin" for what feels like forever. Clark, Lois, Ma and Pa, for hours on end. We’re obviously aware of the fact that this story has been told before, but we were very clear on how we were going to tell it and why. We wanted to bring a warmth to it and a perspective that hasn’t been seen before. I think that will become especially clear once we hit Metropolis. As soon as I did, I realized I could write Superman: Secret Origin monthly.
More at the link.


DC's month-to-month sales for August 2009 are out. All the books took a dive again this month, though to their credit, not as much as previous months. However, a dive is still a dive. ADVENTURE COMICS came out of the gate moderately strong, but is it going to matter once Superboy is evicted, Johns leaves and the title becomes Legion-dominated?


Artist Lee Bermejo has been posting the pencil version of his pages for the Superman strip in WEDNESDAY COMICS at his blog. Bleeding Cool has collected them onto one handy page, but be sure to visit Lee's blog, too.


Troy Brownfield at Newsarama has a retrospective on the Super Powers line of figures. As I'm sure it was with a lot of you, these things were a staple of my childhood toy collection. And, yes, I still have them. Except Brainiac, because his leg fell off and Mom tossed him out, despite my pleas of "He's a robot, Ma! He can be fixed!" \:\(

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