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As a kid, I recall reading a couple of issues that kind of wowed me back in the day, but I can't seem to identify which titles/issues.

It goes something like this:

1. Superman kills Zod and the others.
2. He gets depressed.
3. Gangbuster is stopping crime violently.
4. Turns out Superman was Gangbuster.
5. When outed, he flees earth, grows a beard, and becomes a gladiator somewhere.

I may be off here, but I probably only read 5 issues collectively, and am looking to collect and reread these arcs in their entirety.


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    1. Superman kills Zod and the others.

This event happens in SUPERMAN (Vol. 2) #22 and the other events follow in the next nine months worth of comics. Really, though, you want to start at SUPERMAN (Vol. 2) #21.

So, look for:

SUPERMAN (Vol. 2) #21-33

As I recall, the reading order is pretty much laid out from book to book, but you'll want to start with SUPERMAN #21, then go to ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #444 and alternate back and forth between the titles. The Annual comes between ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #454 and SUPERMAN #32 and the ACTION COMICS issue is the last book to read.

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That's probobly my alltime favorite run on Superman. I know these have been collected to some extent as well though lack the will to find out what/where. But I've long been looking out for the Superman:Exile collection which picks up from the point he leaves Earth for space, just can't ever find it at the right price... \:\(

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Here ya go, Davey! \:\)

It's on Amazon, but you CAN find it cheaper if you're willing to keep looking. It'll probably go on sale eventually at your local library. \:\)

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