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Drop those crutches and return to the way things typically were under Berganza, in other words. Challenge yourself to come up with creative means to challenge Superman, or simply throw villains at him who can give him a good fight without resorting to cheap, unimaginative, facile tricks. Also get rid of his need to breath in space, his inability to travel interstellar distances, and his commonly low strength and invulnerability levels. Retcon out all other Kryptonians including Zod (wish you could Kara, too), kill off, retire, or simply do not use characters like Doomsday, Prankster, Toyman, and Darkseid, and most of all, cut out the meta-fiction naval gazing bullshit. Write yourself a term paper if you want to show off your junior college chops and keep it to yourself; leave that garbage out of Superman's life.


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I don't necessarily think Morrison needs to remove/reduce his weakness and vulnerabilities in order to show the character respect. In my opinion, Grant's done a helluva great job with the character whenever he's had the chance to write him, weakness and all.

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No thanks. It needs to be increased IMO, but I do agree with you about the red sunlight. I'd like his susceptibility to be back the way it was before Loeb took over. As for magic, I say keep it. As powerful as Superman is, he needs something other than Kryponite to give him a challenge and not just "good storytelling" or "a bad guy who is a threat to him".

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    As powerful as Superman is, he needs something other than Kryponite to give him a challenge and not just "good storytelling" or "a bad guy who is a threat to him".

Does that go for other high powered characters, too? Do they all need their own Kryptonites, as well, or do "good storytelling" and "a bad guy is a threat to [them]" suffice? Does the Silver Surfer need K-nite or other, similar deus ex machinae to work against him to make him work?

The Berganza/Loeb era gave us a Superman who was tough against Kryptonite, more often than not unaffected by red sunlight, resistant to transmutation, magic, et cetera, and it was the most exciting era of Superman I have ever read. It gave us characters who could beat around Superman without having to resort to Kryptonite or what have you, and gave us characters who had their work cut out against Superman -- the best of both worlds, as far as I'm concerned -- and it gave us a super-powered Superman to marvel at as he took down and was taken down by.

The immense powers he commanded during this stretch of his continuity widened the scope of his stories and enabled him to plausibly interact with power-in-spades villains like Viroxx, Gog, Brainiac 13, Imperiex, Russian Zod, and Cythonna. It allowed his writers to find new and novel ways to put his morals, methods, and might to the test, and that was just great, in my opinion. It was fantastic.

Superman could still be beaten during these years. Magic could do it, it just had to be incredibly powerful magic. Technology, the same. Kryptonite, the same (a lot of it). Brute force, the same. Energy drain or telemolecular disruption, the same. And so on. Loeb/Berganza didn't change that -- that era saw Superman at the disadvantage far more times than the John Byrne and the Jurgens eras combined ever did. Seriously, think of how facile Superman usually had it during those years ... it's mind boggling. Jurgens even admitted that Doomsday was a necessity because Superman had had it so easy up until then. Compared to what came before in terms of danger to Superman's person, Loeb/Berganza piled it up on the Man of Steel, enhanced resistance to Kryptonite and all that other stuff notwithstanding. And that worked just fine for me.


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