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I know he drew only one Superman story (the Phantom Zone mini-series), but he DID draw our hero.

He will be missed.

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That Phantom Zone mini still has a huge impression and influence on me, as does his Wonder Woman run. Even read now they have such a mood and atmosphere to them thanks to his art I don't think they'll ever go out of favor. They look and feel so vivid, alive.
Those two books plus his various Batman forays and Doctor Strange are my chief exposure to his work and I always wanted to see a lot more from him since then, in a comics world where artists now tend to be in a sausage factory and largely adopt the same style Colan is still an individualist, and he's a part of why I like artists like Tom Mandrake's work so much.

I will remember him always for his work on some favorite runs on those books. Can't give him a better epitaph than that. Brilliant artist and rightly considered a bit of a legend. \(beer\)

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Still saddened by this news. Loved him on the Phantom Zone mini-series and just loved his art in general.

Good rest to you, fine sir!

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