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Subj: WORST NEW CHARACTERS of the 2000s Era
Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2021 at 10:22:04 pm EST (Viewed 106 times)

In no particular order, the list of shame:

CLAIRE FOSTER: Superman does not need nor would he go to a psychologist for a host of reasons. There was no point even storywise to this character; nothing at all happened here.

MUHAMMAD X: making Supes check his privilege way back when. . .oy!

CIR-EL: worst supergirl ever.

IMPERIEX: was this even a character at all? As bad as Morrison's "Magggedon" from JLA. Just a big evil thing wannabe Galactus.

MANCHESTER BLACK: yep, he's a ridiculous character and I stand by it.

ENCANTADORA: I don't know what Kelly was going for here honestly. Whiff attempt at a sexy latina femme fatale.

RUSSIAN ZOD: huh? what even is this.

FATHER LEONE/MR ORR/ EQQUES: yes, all these junk characters from the abysmal "For Tommorrow" are on my list.