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Subj: Marvel Tarot: god history, family tree, etc Lots of spoilers, long [SPOILERS]
Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 at 10:43:00 am EDT (Viewed 1 times)
Reply Subj: Fate Of Clor
Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 at 01:06:42 am EDT

1st let me say this book is difficult to read. Its writing like a bunch of notes. different fonts, different angles, small type. Some thing i cant even make out and i have 20/20 vision! But it does have a lot of good stuff. On to the spoilers

Osthur is the 4th Elder God. Apparently she left thousands of years before the wars to explore the stars and other dimensions. Where she met Hoggoth. She returned after new pantheons were forming. Agamotto is her son.
Chthon created several races including the Harpies, goblins, and the Wolf Men of Valusia. One of the wolf lords was father to Garm. Another mated with one of Sets grandchildren and they gave birth to Angerboda (mother of the Midgard Serpent and Fenris Wolf).
Set was also known as Apep,Ophion, Tiamat, Lotan, Leviathan, Apocalypse. He is the ancestor of Cerebrus, Typhon(Titan?), the Sirens, the Gorgons, Chimera, Nemean lion and the Hydra amongst others.
Oshtur the bird goddess and goddess of eastern star also known as Ishtar and possibly Hecate,(among others) created the BirdMen of Akah Ma'at (Ma'at being Egyption goddess aspect of Oshtur). They were corrupted by Chthon and became known as the Asura (from Ghost Rider?). Those that stayed true became the Seraphim (Shields of Seraphim?)then both groups moved to another dimension.
The architect of the Rainbow Bridge also designed the Prismatic Bridge of Asbru which pierces the Brona Barrier which seperates the inner realms from the far dimensions.
In conclusion, for the gods some pretty good stuff. Ties in some of the Conan Hyborian charchters, gives reasons why Oshtur isnt generally known as an Elder God, Explains Chthon and Oshtur have a grudge ( Book of Vishanti mad 2 counter Darkhold? )like Set and Gaea. It gives some godly family trees info. Appears the Elders were more active in the Early pantheons based upon name association. Now the bad or needs more info. Oshtur created/gave birth to Agamotto after having an emotional moment while watching a mortal child. Now there are several problems with this. First this event happens while Chthon and Set are not around, but implies they are still on Earth. That would seem to be impossible considering there werent any humans on Earth with Chthon and Set. Also Agamotto is said to have been the 1st Sorcerer Supreme 18000 to 15000BC, does that mean there wasnt one before his birth? Was the rest of the universe unprotected? The book does say that there appears to be conflicting info on whether the SS is for Earth or the entire dimension. It also attempts to link Hoggoth with Asteroth from the Beta Ray Bill mini (calling them both Old Ones)which is what Shuma Gorath was also called. Not enough info about the relationship or natures of the other Mystic principles.

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