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Subj: The Search [fan fiction]
Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 at 06:23:52 am EDT
Reply Subj: Oliver Coipel leaving Thor? Well... yes and no, it seems.
Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 at 09:17:07 am EDT

The Search

Mighty Olympus lay shattered and burning. Hercules knelt from exhaustion, hands covering his now thoroughly unrecognizable face. No Olympian maiden would find anything attractive now in this bloodied and bowed figure.

Zeus himself lay motionless – the axe of Desaak buried deep in his chest. Something in the mystical make up of the axe had prevented Zeus from healing himself. The god slayer had drunk deeply of the god power of the skyfather and there had much to drink.

Ares lay dead nearby, divested of all godly energies, he seemed little more than a husk. The god of war had been easier to defeat than Hercules. No doubt something to do with the mixed parentage of the lion of Olympus. Some among the Olympian warriors had actually fled the carnage, but this was no surprise to the god hater.

Of all who might have aided Olympus only the alien Thor substitute Beta Ray Bill had come. Bill’s origins did not matter to Desaak. He was in the possession of the power of gods making him a natural enemy. Still Bill had fought a surprisingly stubborn rearguard action enabling many non combatants to flee the fallen city. He had proved more resistant than most of the gods of Olympus. No doubt his alien origins contributed to this.

Desaak stood above Hercules. “Where is your friend now?” he asked exultantly “where is the son of Odin when Olympus needs him most?” Desaak’s hard expression gave way to the very cruelest smile of triumph.

Then the god-slayer awoke. Even by his standards it was a magnificent dream. A dream that would one day become reality. But for now another matter claimed his attention.

On Earth the mighty Thor continued to find and re-awaken his fellow Asgardians. Slowly refilling the lonely rooms and halls of Asgard. The son of Odin had retained some knowledge of the rune magic and also the barest thread of that which was once known as the Odinpower. As if it were somehow a final tenuous link to his father.

Taking a respite from his searches Thor drew Heimdall aside. “I can still sense him” said Thor. “Whether he is free and hail and hearty or a prisoner subject to great depravations I cannot tell but my father still lives” “I cannot now spare the time to search him out” continued the Thunderer “but I would have you do so.” Thor endowed Heimdall with the little Odinpower that was left and also Sif’s sword with its well known interdimensional teleportation capabilities. It was Thor’s belief that the combination of Heimdall’s vast sensory capabilities and the residual Odinpower would assist him in locating Odin. Further through his sister’s sword and the residual Odinpower, transportation should not pose a difficulty for Heimdall. The rune magic provided just one clue. Heimdall’s search should begin with the pantheon known as the Aalyetians or sometimes as the wisdom gods, respected for that attribute among all the pantheons.

“You said that Odin was dead” flashed Desaak as his powerful hand began to crush Orikal’s windpipe. “I told Thor that I could not detect his father on any plane of existence” responded the seer “which need not be the same thing.” “I see that you did not go the way of other things of the Asgardian plane” sneered the god slayer. “I am not a native of Asgard” replied Orikal “some seem to forget this given the length of time that I was held captive by Geirridour’s flames.”

“I can sense him” said Desaak, after a pause “I sense the Allfather.” “What of that?” said Orikal “even if he lives, he is almost certainly beyond your reach, why trouble yourself?”
“We are not discussing a mere godling here” continued Orikal “Odin the Allmighty was the most powerful skyfather among all of the Multiverse’s pantheons – leave well enough alone!” “You will tell me what you know seer” said Desaak “or I will crush the life from you, and do not presume that I am alone in this venture!”

Heimdall arrived in the remote pocket dimension of the Aalyetians without difficulty but was unprepared for the sight that filled his eyes. The total annihilation of the modest city state of this most gentle of pantheons. The entire city was a burned out cinder with not so much as a single building surviving. A few bodies totally drained of god energies lay scattered among the charred ruins of a city whose magnificent architecture once surpassed both Asgard and Olympus. The handful of bodily remains each grotesquely shrunken did not reflect the total population of the wisdom gods. The destruction here was no vainglorious dream of Desaak but cold hard reality.

“It is a truly saddening sight old friend” came the voice “I think we both know who the author of this destruction must have been.” “Bill” exclaimed Heimdall rejoicing at the sight of one of Asgard’s most powerful and dearest friends. “What are you doing here Bill?” enquired the former guardian of the rainbow bridge. “I seek the same goal as you noble Heimdall” responded Beta Ray Bill.

The two looked on at the surely unprovoked destruction that lay before them. Bill thought to himself that it could hardly have been any worse if the great Galactus had come this way. “Does even Desaak have the power to destroy an entire pantheon?” enquired Heimdall. “I think you will find he has the backing of at least one other who has reason to hate the gods even more” replied Bill “else he would not have come on a fools errand.” “Slayer of gods he may be but even Desaak knows he is no match for the Allfather.” Heimdall nodded thoughtfully but Bill did not elaborate.

Heimdall then drew on the remnants of the Odinpower to enhance his already vast sensory powers. The god who could both hear and see the movement of a butterflies wings worlds away now found that his sight could now pierce the dimensional veils to follow even the very faintest interdimensional trail.

Desaak had extracted at least some of the information that he had sought from the Aalyetian gods. Information crucial to his next step in the search for Odin and it did not matter to him overmuch who might come across his handiwork after the event. Others though had gone to great pains to ensure his path could not be followed. Still whomever they might be, they did not reckon on the Odinpower boosted senses of Heimdall.

To be continued


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