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Subj: (PLEASE READ!)Things That need to be said about Thor that probably have been said a thousand times !!!!...
Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 at 07:20:16 pm EST (Viewed 225 times)

Ok I just feel like ranting! First off the whole Is Thor bullet proof debate! this is ridicules! if namor or even Ms. Marvel and wonderman are than Ofcoarse Thor is! the thing is some writers feel that because thor can get stabbed with weapons in battle that he must not be bullet proof! WRONG! Thor faces foes with uber strength and weapons forged in other realms! these are not earthly weapons! Thor being a god should not be hurt by any earth made weapon! IMHO! he is from another realm of excistance! not another planet! Asgard was'nt obiting the damned earth! like the moon!

I hate when they call the Asgardians an advanced alien race! CRAP!!! the gods live in another realm of excistance! not a planet! they travel to earth by dimensional portals or magic gateways such as bifrost!

I also hate how they are treated like superhumans! these are gods! that bull that they are weakend aon earth is stupid! if any thing they should be more powerfull on earth!

Thor has enough other worldly foes that writers should'nt worry if Thor could be hurt by earthly weapons! Thors foes all have proven to hurt him with out earth tech or weapons! so I think Thor being from another realm should not be harmed by anything earth made EXCEPT MAGIC! this IMHO does'nt make thor less apealing because like I said, He is a god and should be treated like it! nothing short of magic and alien tech should harm Thor!

I hope these writers are listening!

Thor is the GOD OF THUNDER! yet he is also a war god!! the asgardians as a whole are all WAR GODS! its just that Odin and tyr have more pull in that depatment! in regards to giving victory in battle, so ares being a war god means nothing! Thor would/should still own him on the feild of battle! the viking were a race of warriors and there gods defined that!

Thor's power is so poorly writen that i know it pisses us off! other fan boys dont understand what we know so they say we whine!

IN MYTH or REALITY Thor! was said to appear as fast as his name was called thats teleportion! so if any fool says Thor should'nt be able to teleport than there morons! Thor is treated like a being from another planet when he is from another reality! so somethings should'nt make sense to most! so i can see why he is down played alot!

I want to say more but can any body else rant about things they feel should be adressed? please express yourselves! I'd love to hear replies and your own rants.

thanks guys!

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