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Subj: To Spider-Hulk: From below
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Sorry, didn't get a chance to respond earlier.


      One could also make the argument Thor battled the Hulk in Thor #385. That Hulk did not revert back to Banner even when calm, but had some intelligence. I will say that by the end of the fight Hulk was dominating, but Thor was without his hammer for at least half of it and at first was dominating and more or less held his own or matched the Hulk blow for blow. So, each time they do fight it is close unlike on the dvd.

      Hulk doesn't always revert to Banner when calm, the transformation is as much psychological as it is physical. Its actually very bizaare really the transformation... sometimes when Hulk is down he reverts instantly other times he doesnt... he stays Hulk, wakes up after he's healed and then the fight is on again.

    In the context of the issue it seemed Stan Lee and Jim Shooter intended it to be a bannerless Hulk. Aside from being more ruthless than the savage Hulk and not reverting back even after being aslpee for hours the narrative stated several times that Banner and Hulk had been separated, that Banner was no longer restraining the Hulk, etc. So I think there was some confusion on it. Over at the Hulk board I asked and the majority of responses I got indicate it was some form of the mindless/bannerless Hulk Thor battled and even though Hulk was dominating by the end Thor has pretty much held his own throughout the whole thing and even was still getting up at the end. If you are interested in the discussion go here:

      Well I think Hulk is stronger physically, but Thor is more powerful and a better fighter. Which is how Hulk is able to fight Thor because he is strong. If Thor and Hulk were perfect strength equals, then, Hulk would be dispatched quite efficiently by the god of thunder IMO.

    The way some writers portray Thor he is an even worse fighter than Hulk. I think part of it is what I liked about issues from the Silver Age. Thor was so powerful that on Earth he didn't really have to worry about anything hurting him, but in Asgard he would often loose the first fight because, as often stated by whomever he was fighting, Thor would get used to easy victories on Earth and forget to step it up a notch in a world where everything is superpowerful which is one thing I was hoping to see in the Hulk vs. Thor dvd. The Hulk is unquestionable one of the most powerful being to ever walk the Earth, but on Earth most beings and technologies cannot even hurt him. I would think in Asgard of all places he would have had a better challenge.

    I think part of it is Thor is used to just powering through things. Other times I don't expect him to dodge every blow, but I'm not sure how much you have read of early Thor issues from the Essentials, but sometimes when fighting he would actually role out of the ways of blows. Granted, it still happens now days some, but often he is portrayed as someone who just trades blows for blows with enemies.

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