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Does anyone else find it funny how Marvel decides to make the Sentry unstoppable because of the Void, during SEIGE, but during WWH there is no mention of the Void and the HUlk took Sentry down??? Interesting???? Once again at Thor's expense.

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Red Pain

Sentry going all out at the end of World War Hulk is more powerful than Void. Sentry beat The Void twice in the past.

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Sorry guys but I think both of these statements have a certain perspective deficit based on the fact that I think the current Sentry/Void is being shown at a higher power level than the Sentry up unto this point.

As a result I dont think Thor's showing against him is necessarily expressive of a relative down-grading.

As far as Hulk> Void that smacks of a Hulk v Thor thread by other means and I am not getting into it as one it is banned and two monotonous.

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Absolutely. If you've been reading Dark Avengers, as well as Seige, you'll see that this Sentry/Void is nothing we've seen before.

It's been pretty explicitly shown that this Void is more powerful than he/it ever was before.

WWH would have stood absolutely zero chance against this Void.

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Cant agree with you. The Void was able to break all of the Hulks bones and leave him on the kitchen floor. In WWH the SEntry lost to Hulk, not nuch more to say about that. All I am saying is I find it funny that MArvel chooses Seige for teh Sentry's COMING OUT party. WHy not WWH.???That would have made more sense.

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