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Anyone interested in Hulk v Thor matters might want to take a look at Rage of Olympus' post on the battle board.

From the breaking into comics recent issue-confirmation from the writer-it's the HULK. NOT RHULK.

Guys a request-do not engage in the insane gloating that has often been directed our way. Lets conduct ourselves with a bit of class and dignity.

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The only way I'm involving myself in any of that is Reman's art.
They ALL know for a fact Thor has always held back for one in the past and that IS a past story due to the costume.
NOW Thor not only moved Asgard closer to earth making them weaker, he hasn't had the chance to recharge in his Odin/Thorsleep bed yet.

Not to mention it has been mentioned by one of the writers responding to THAT last fight that the Hulk fans aren't going to be happy in the future.....I'm patient. \:D

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