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By what I saw in issue 7 & 8.
Can someone really explain if this is actually (Gaea: , Freya: & Idunn: b/c personally I don't think so, and for what it's worth, the drawings aw quite  awful and childish, it looks as if this came from a fantasy book that is read to 1st graders!
Also, who's the welp that (Gaea) is carrying, and why in hells name is (Heimdall) calling them "Mothers", plus (Karnilla: would never stoop so low as to kiss a troll, especially with (Geirrodur:

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Yes, that is supposed to be all three of them except Freya is Frigga calling herself Freya for reasons as of yet unknown.  Gillen confirmed this part.  Fraction appears to be going off the stories where the two are the same goddess.  As for Gaea we don't know if this is supposed to be her totality or just an aspect of her she is projecting.    Personally, I like the art.  The three are so rarely used you can do almost anything with them.  Artwise, it looks like a throw back to the more outlandish sci-fi/fantasy stuff going as far back as Simonson and Kirby.  I don't mind it and to a degree like it.  It makes the Asgardians more than just powerful vikings.  

Unknown on the whelp.  Some speculate it is not a real baby.  It is a visual representative of Gaea's status as the "mother" figure in this triad:  maiden (Idunn), woman/queen (Freya), mother (Gaea).  Heimdall is calling them mothers because that is what they are.  Just as Odin was the all-father of Asgard these three combined are the all-mother of Asgard.  Sometimes they are referred to as the same being split into three parts.  Others they are three separate beings who just work and in their role as all-mother identify themselves as one. 

As for Karnilla and Gerridour.  Not a clue.  Blame it on new versions of themselves thanks to Ragnarok.  If that is the excuse used I do not have a problem with it.  They haven't appeared since the relaunch and the relaunch itself gave wide berth to interpretation of these characters. 

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