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Subj: Did Fear Itself finale satisfy Thor Girl fans?
Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 at 04:30:51 pm EST (Viewed 276 times)

Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #6

What did people here think of the fate of Tarene in [the horribly misnamed] Youth In Revolt conclusion? Never really knew much about her Thor-verse history before The Intiative and just read her write up here:
WOW. That is quite the history for her brief run as an underused legacy-hero of female persuasion. Wait, has it really been over '10 years' on Earth?! Huh.

The Designate's surprise finale emergence came totally out of left field for me and spoiled the whole presumed point/direction of this crossover storyline. Maybe having known more about her wouldve helped ~ doubt it though. Did not realize she was so powerred down as Thor Girl either. The large group of young heroes were probably lucky she was in such a good mood ~ if she could handle the likes of Thanos and Gladiator as her bio states. She basically stole the spotlight in this finale while all the others just got to ooo and awww at her while The Breakers were still at large. And somehow after she leaves all the sloppy superheroing behind, Prodigy manages a promotion and Hardball gets no charges? Huh.

And did anyone even bother to pick up her hammer?

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