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Will somebody briefly summarize the whole Thoth and the World Eaters storyline with clarity please? More confused now after seeing this:
Thought Thoth and his World Eaters were aliens for that whole arc. Y'mean Thoth is of the Egyptian pantheon of Horus, Isis, Khonshe, etc? Is he like a lesser god? Are his World Eaters all from his plane of existance or were any bona fide Milky Way Galaxy type aliens that joined him?

And is "First appearance Marvel Tales #96" clearly a typo or was it a backup story in that reprint title?

How horribly wrong is this recap?:
Thoth planned to raze the 616 galaxies and/or the Nine Worlds? He had a lot of success? He worked independant of his Pantheon? When he went up against Odin, Thor and the Blood Legion he lost and was imprisoned in the World Tree time/space? Dead Tyr was originally assigned to partner with dead Balder as Thoth's jailer?

I miss Dan.

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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Crap, hows that for brevity \:\)

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I followed your link and it is just a blank page. I cannot find a page about Uthana Thoth at the Marvel wiki. So I do not know what you are fully referring too. From what you excerpted it sounds like a child or very amaturish along with being inaccurate. The page for the Egyptian god Thoth is here:

This Thoth is a major ancient Egyptian god of wisdom among other things. He has had a few sparse appearences in comics. Much of the information about him is from his handbook profiles. He has nothing to do the World-Eaters.

The Thoth you are thinking of is Uthana Thoth of the World-Eaters. A much more accurage and better written article is found here:

I know. I helped write part of it. This Uthana Thoth is from a poorly written storyline. He is a one-dimensional villain who was made out to be as tough as Odin but ran in fear from Thor's lighting and was defeated with ease.

The good thing about wikis like those is you can often find information easier because anybody can edit them. The problem is anybody can edit them so they are not always a good source of information.

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such as reference to that atrocious, rotten-tripe of a story.

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