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Subj: My definitive good-bye and the beginning of a new life
Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 at 03:15:05 pm EST (Viewed 289 times)

These words I write is a definitive good-bye and I´ll begin a new life, I hope someone read all the words to understand it, I´ll never write on a comic book forums, also I will not ask on Tom Brevoort or Kieron Gillen formspring again about this theme.

I´m very tired, all this things, I´m feeling sometimes so stupid and it is clear that although there are people who understand it, others have not understood anything of what I´m saying in all these years about a character like Amora the Enchantress.

Character completely wasted for years in a very bad stories and that a great character like her, don´t deserve it, I personally, don´t understand how it is possible that Marvel, with all the writers and artists that they have, they have never been worried at least with a great character like her with all the potential that she has and so good as her, they continue wasting her in the same way without giving her any background story or a good story behind her origin (I repeat what I always said, origin never explained), if this had been done and done right, it could be considered one of the best stories of Thor, Asgard and Marvel.

I gave dozens and dozens of examples in all my threads that I wished to have discussed with anyone, but clearly nobody seemed to care and those examples have always been there, completely ignored and I don´t know if anyone could ever read them and I didn´t have any opportunity to answer, since the vision of people seems too conservative to open their eyes to other things and they have always seen The Enchantress in the same way, as if she were an one-dimensional character which offered nothing more than sexy and sensual part of the story without delving into her story, unfortunately in recent years, Amora seems to have no love or affection of the Marvel writers who always ignored her in all their stories as if she didn´t exist, despite her appearance in the Avengers animated series.

Amora the Enchantress is a more complex character than she seems at first sight, any good writer could do wonders of a good stories with her, add new things or use things already seen and give her a new approach, they could have taken the theme of her younger sister, Lorelei (character so forgotten by Marvel writers), Skurge the Executioner (there also may have developed this story better), Thor and his behavior towards her, which is not the same that he has with his stepbrother, Loki. Sif and Amora rivalry, her ambiguity between good and evil, despite Amora is a villainess, she is very able of doing good things, she isn´t a sorceress as evil as can be Karnilla, quite the contrary, although no one would say it seeing her first appearances and her fights against the Avengers) or recently, the forgotten second Enchantress, Sylvie Lushton, if all this, a good writer is able to unite and make a good story by joining all the pieces, interesting, shocking, well-written … it would be a very good story and at last, they will do justice to character like her.

Surely, there are people who will continue without understand the why, that they must think, I´m paranoid, that I´m exaggerating too, that when I talk about it, I speak with passion and other things.

The fact is that I really like this character and one day, I want to read something good about her and that Marvel don´t ignore her in the way they do it, this is why I insist too much, because I hope to read good stories and not bad stories and that one day, some good writer think in a good story to tell about her, or at least that begin to start a balance in her appearances.

After all this tirade, I say good-bye forever to comic book forums, I have no intention to turn back on my decision, I hope people read it and be able to understand why I´m saying these things, I never said a single bad Word, I´m just try to argue what I say, it is possible that in some things, I´m wrong, and I acknowledge that I have exaggerated in certain things, is also the fact that I don´t know how to make people understand me due to not being an Anglophone, but I´ve always done everything possible to improve my English, in some cases with good results and others cases, a disaster.

Well, good luck and good-bye, I will begin a new life thinking in other things more important. \:\-\)

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