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Subj: Season 8 Fimal has now come and gone, any reamrks now?
Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 at 10:13:24 am EDT (Viewed 1414 times)

Liked that Elvis finally revealed that his heart was still with Rick's team, as his group made defective bullets. Ningham has Rick fed falsi info, and led into a trap, but ewhen his group started to fire upon Rick, their guns blew apart!

Rick really listened to Karl letter to him, and in the end, confronted Nignham, and ended up slicing his throat, but he lived on, and will get jailed for rest of his lifetime.

The one with the staff keeps seeing Ghosts though, and ened up wondering off, to join cast of the Fear the Walking Dead now.

Maggie really upset that Rick allowed N man to live, looks like is scheming to replace Rick as their leader when time is right, along with Daryl.

Spock lady asked to join the team, as were all of the followers of Ningham, as Rick trying to force a new world order.

The one who betrayed Nignham, one with the scarred and burnt face got to live, but toild never to come back, and he found a note from his wife, and was implied that he will be going off after her now.

My real complaint was jst seemed rushed and hurries, as the war was building for 2 seasons, and nds really quick!