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Here we go - PageByPage reactions for you to compare if you read....

X-Men 002 [2021]

COVER: Very nice grabber -albeit poser- cover. Can't decide if it adds or detracts for Lorna's character decision to shlep a coffee to this solemn united fistbump moment.

QUOTE: Appropo choice for this ish. Can anyone cite the issue (the real) Nova says this?

01: Poker night in the MU is back! Good stuff. Inviting Rhino here makes it a highly uncredible -albeit comical- scene. No-Prize possibility is that Black Cat invited him. Have BC and Remy interacted before?

02-03: A few tidbits for the motivation of Cordyceps. An alien murdermaester and jamlord with all the time in the Gameworld. Kinda Arcade on steroids. Mojo-wannabe? Not that interesting either way.

TITLE: Good title on format page that just's a sad reminder this is all stuck being part of the Age of Krak.

04-05: Enter the big bad of the day. Waitaminnit - THIS is how the "Annihilation Wave" (can)start that gave us the Annihilation Event? Hmm... don't remember it like that. CRAZY LEVEL of dangerous expanding threat to human existence - that can be bottled! [Kinda like the Krakoan/Arrakan expansion on steroids. ;\) ]

06: Here we go again. More plot-selective parameter per writer when it comes to presenting rules of telepathy. "Forgetting the safety off" was a kinda neat refridgerator magnet idea. Testing/training Synch's limits by focussing on NYC seemed typical/proper then suddenly he detects lives snuffed - in Kansas?!

07: So much for SWORD being a USEFUL organization. Well, at least they're mentioned. Guess Kingpin will be fine with The Blackbird launching from The Treehouse in his backyard, eh.

08: Laura makes me sick for as long as she rationalizes keeping the codename Wolverine. On the other hand her dynamics and forgotten memories with Synch could make a engaging storyline for... Lauraverine. Lauravine?

09: Standard strike and save mission is a refreshing change from all the Krakplots. Cyke and fashion-sensitive Jean (insisting on a mask!) have perfect lines and... what the -?! Lorna is actually carrying her coffee cup?! Okay, the cover is questionable but this is a bit too silly.

10-11: Good fight action and use of powers. Liked the two neat uses with those log posts.

12: Crazy Level detection and extreme dome Showings.

13: Synch will be the OG-Rogue of the team. He's there to do the Rogue thing better than Rogue ever did? Can't decide if it will add or detract to his being on this core membership.

14: Another example of all the mutant technology mixing powers (being pushed on us). Like one-storyline 2nd Mutations for wasn't enough. Polaris+MarvelGirl=WhoCares if this precident is ignored after this. And do readers think Jean got just a location or a lot more? Uh oh, another spaceroad trip for X-men.

15-18: In the words of Hannibal Smith, "I love it when a plan comes together." Humans that love their X-heroes - so refreshing. Liked how they helped over freaking out for a change, too

19: Odd placement for this backstory of Sunfire getting on current team. But it was welcome, overdue, appropriate, and succinct. Poor iconic Shiro gets only 1 page while newbie Prince of Power gets a whole Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1 spotlight laughbating backstory of how he got on that current team.

20: Mission is done-in-one \(yes\) -albeit rushed. BBQ is feelgood. Really nice page of art. Overall, the art had some good dynamic energy to it - but that was undermined for many pages with wild random mood-lighting coloring.

21-22: Intro of Dr. Stasis (and Bornan). Intriguing and more interesting than the outer space stuff.

DATAPAGE: One of the few times these 'infographics' works and flows well.


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