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Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2007 at 03:04:07 am EST
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Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2007 at 02:42:25 am EST

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> In this day and time, a 102 book run would be considered VERY successful, imo. However, the addition of a 2nd Avengers book has be wondering: what is the opinion of the board as to why the West Coast Avengers (or Avengers West Coast) comic failed to last any longer than it did? Was it due to the comic crash of the 90's? Did it turn to crap?
> I always enjoyed it and will be glad when I can get the last 50 or so books of that title, since I never finished it!

It wasn't cancelled it was replaced by Force Works. Force Works was even written by the same writing team so it was clearly meant as a replacement.

As far as I know (I don't have actual sales numbers but it seems clear from the direction of the title) they changed the name for a few reasons.

1. It brought Iron Man front and center. Iron man was hot during that brief time period (this was around the "Death of Tony Stark" storyline) and putting him front and center was surely done as a sales boost.

2. Even more so than now, #1 issues were the thing to do in the 90s.

3. I'm fairly certain this was around the time Avengers sales were tanking (about a year or so before "the Crossing") and I'm sure some blamed West Coast Avengers for diluting the franchise. This is a way to give it a new name so that wouldn't be the case.

As far as why Force Works got cancelled, I think that was just the comic industry in general. The death of Force Works happened right along with a bunch of desperate attempts to shore up sales including, but not limited to: The Crossing, Teen Tony, 90s-ized costumes for everyone and eventually Heroes Reborn.

At that point in the Comics Industry, when sales were falling so fast, I don't think there was any way the book could have survived.

A major reason was that this was in the age of the rise of teh X-titles. Mutants were the most popular thing going...Cap , Iron Man, and the rest of the Avengers were not big sellers like today. Plus the WCA were never given any major villains to fight. THey were always deemed as backups. The big villain was Master Pandimonium. I loved the series but in a historical point....the book was pointless asides for a few storylines. The book was never handled right. They needed big things to happen and it never did. It was like they were to scared to the WCA over shine the Avengers.