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Subj: The themes of the books are going to be different...
Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 at 10:35:55 am EST
Reply Subj: Power Imbalance in the New Lineups? [SPOILERS]
Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2007 at 11:19:37 pm EST

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Ok so we know that the new lineups are:

> > New Avengers (all confirmed):
> > 1. Echo
> > 2. Ronin (either Cap or Clint)
> > 3. Doctor Strange
> > 4. Wolverine
> > 5. Spider-Woman
> > 6.Luke Cage
8. Iron Fist
> >

> > Mighty Avengers (all confirmed):
> > 1. Iron Man
> > 2. Wasp
> > 3. Black Widow
> > 4. Wonder Man
> > 5. Ms. Marvel
> > 6. Sentry
> > 7. Ares

We can surmise from the previews for the coming months that the Pro- Registration side "wins" so I understand there being a slight power imbalance but even if Ronin is Cap these teams are mismatched worse than the X- Men vs. Avengers!

For the new Avengers you have 4 street level characters, one mid-range strongman, two minor powerhouses in SW and SP, and one heavy hitter in Strange. This team has little in the way of power variety and bruisers. Without Strange this team loses to most established teams powerwise!

On the Mighty Avengers side you have-

For the other team, you have one street level, a shrinking woman, Ms. Marvel, who is basically WW for Marvel plus some EP, IM for excellent ranged attacks and strength, a powerhouse wargod AND the Sentry. Not to mention Simon who isnt too shabby, stronger and more durable than Cage, the one real strength character on the other team.

My question is why stack the deck so far in one direction? Why not Hercules or Thor with Caps team? That would add some serious power to the lineup or even the new and improved returning Hulk or his pissed off cousin once she finds out what Tony did to Bruce? Im just curious how two teams, who will from the previews, still be at odds after Civil War, even interact or have the obligatory comic fight when there is no doubt to the outcome?

They are not going to be like West Coast/East Coast Avengers. The two teams are going to have different priorities.

New Avengers is going to be about uncovering hidden threats, and battling evil masterminds that hide in the shadows manipulating events. Mighty Avengers is going to be about fighting giant monsters, alien invasions, and super-powerful villains.

The tone of the books are going to be very different in style.

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