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Subj: I'm gonna assume that vol 1, issue 221 is one of Bendis' favorites
Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2007 at 08:37:30 am EST
Reply Subj: Why didn't he just write this team/book in the first place? (possible spoilers...maybe?)
Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 at 08:49:06 pm EST

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I mean...this team seems to consist of all his favorite characters (save Sentry) or the characters he seems most interested in writing about as opposed to chronicling the Avengers:

Spider Woman
Power Man
Dr. Strange
Ronin (his own creation)
Jessica Jones-Cageas supporting character
and now Iron Fist

When I think about who Bendis focused on the past couple of years (in Avengers, New Avengers, HOM, Illuminati, Secret War, Ultimate X-Men-which was really a Wolverine book) I get the feeling these are really the folks he wanted to write about...and The Avengers book just became the means or vehicle to make that happen.

He still gets to write his other three favortites - Iron Man (whom he does write exceptionally well!), Ms. Marvel and Sentry (who for some reason he thinks is the greatest thing since whipped cream???)in what is shaping up to be or looks to be the Avengers proper (debatable I know).

But dang...as someone who loved Secret War and Illuminati but has not enjoyed Disassembled, HOM, New Avengers or Civil War I just wish he wrote this team as a New Defenders at the outset. I mean, that what New Avnegrs really was IMO.

No matter the roster change, and some were radical, The consistent tradtional Avengers team was always a formal Super Hero organization with a formal headquaters, constitution, charter, by-laws, protcols, procedures, with varying degrees of a quasi-legal relationships to governmental bodies and/or law enforcemetn agencies. New Avngers lost that. By contrast the Defenders team/book was a loosely structured informal assosiation of heroes who sometimes formally, sometimes informally met at either Dr. Strange's house or Kyle Richmond's. Thats what the New Avengers became, only instead of Strange's house they hung out at Tony Stark's. It always had the feel of a Defenders team/book to me. And the NEW New Avengers seems to be even more in that vein.

Just my thoughts and ramblings...

The cover of that issue is red with a bunch of mug shots of various "unlikely" heroes and the text "Who will be the newest members of the Avengers, Earth's mightiest heroes?!?"

Mug shots are
Row1 = Cage, Spidey, Wolverine, Dazzler, Hawkeye
Row2 = Rom the Spaceknight, Invisible Woman, Daredevil, Antman, Hulk
Row3 = Doc Strange, She-Hulk, Black Bolt, Spider Woman (Jess), Silver Surfer

In that issue, it was Hawkeye and She-Hulk who became members. But since Bendis took the reins:
- Cage, Spidey, Wolvie, Doc Strange, and Spider Woman have become members
- between Iron Fist, Echo, and Ronin, it's as if Daredevil has become a member
- Antman and Invisible Woman became members before Bendis could wedge them in
- Bendis killed off Antman

Future plot lines:
- the Human/Inhuman war comes to an end as Black Bolt becomes a member
- as a symbolic gesture of protest against those that banished him, the Hulk returns to Earth and joins the team that opposed those bastages that sent him to space
- the Silver Surfer inexplicably welds Rom back into his spaceknight armor and forces him to be the intergalactic representative on the Avengers

Just an observation


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