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Subj: Re: New Avengers 30... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu May 10, 2007 at 06:21:08 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Re: New Avengers 30... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu May 10, 2007 at 02:57:17 pm EDT

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> Decided to read my brother's copy after checking out the pages with money in hand. Mr.Yu has drawn many great panels in issues of Wolverine but his style/McCaig collaboration, here in #30, does not suit this team genre book as well those nicely drawn stories. The one page where Tony looks at his helmet and flies off was okay, as were some spellcasting effects. As for the characters:

I like Yu's art, but I agree that it was better in his Wolverine run. Also the "pencils" (quotes because they're digitally inked) were too muddy in some places.


> Another example of why Dr.Strange shouldn't have joined is the fact that without him there'd be no team. They'd be in the can or on the run but definitely up the creek without a paddle. The 'New Defenders' remark may've been an easter egg for message board posters but it is the reality of their situation. It's not a team of Avengers as much as a team of Dr.Strange - and he'd realize that if he'd just check with Sayge.

Strange is just playing the role Tony has always played for the Avengers. A place to stay, transport. Just instead of a trust fund they us the host of Hoggarth.

> Good to see Voodoo admit Strange his mystic better. Spell of Tartashi? Okay, Doc has an arsenal but this is a POWERFUL spell that should be revisited or revealed to have limits.

Eh, I didn't really see the need for a room-wide spell. Just limit it to Clint.

> Good to see the Mighty Avengers appear and IM handled appropriately intelligent. This may be the closest thing to an apology he may give. The New Avengers brush off Spidey's jokes but should listen to Spidey when he's serious. His SHRA reaction had sincere merit. Though, Spidey did have a couple funny lines this ish. Fighting-a-guy-named-typeface level of sucking \:\) .

Glad Bendis, instead of dancing around the question, tackled full-on the issue of what exactly this team hopes to achieve. I thought this issue was so important just for that.

> The one day having passed for 3 issues of arc, so far, was continuity confusing for me. Trying to enjoy it as part of the other MU stories May's shooting, Astonishing Xmen, Fallen Son, IM, Ms Marvel, etc is... trying because this is a title that ties them all - along with Mighty & Initiative. That respect for Fisk by Spidey was shocking after reading Amazing540 just before.
> Asap (name the baby ASAP!) is getting lots of supporting cast panel time - I'd rather a more intriguing character interacting, like Night Nurse who was probably upstairs. Wolverine picks Clint's new nom de guerre; after(?) he'll pick Armor's codename. Maybe he should pick Asap's name ;\)

Logan is getting a lot of use this time around. Before he just used to sit on the couch and eat but we see him very vocal and active. Nice to see him reprimanding Cage a bit.

> Uh oh, his jugular's been sliced thru. Is he dead?! No wait, it's same old same old for Logan. But still, it'll be nice to see if a New Avenger reacts with a little fearful concern for a moment.

Well the others know he can get back up from that (Jess did stab him in the neck with his own claws afterall). Besides, Cage does notice as he was trying to buy Logan time so he can heal up.

> Hawkeye saying no, to if he found Wanda, read spot on.
> Not familiar with his 'Don't pull a hammy'.

Just a saying. Mean take it easy.

> I can see Clint taking the Ronin identity. Don't like it for him - doesn't suit the ninja motif unless he specializes solely in arrows or projectiles for combat. He did take the Goliath identity. It makes for good story though. Similarly he might take the Cap name too but I don't see it since he admits to watching the CW fiasco but chose to sit on his butt, in Europe, rather than stand by Cap. Everyone will be waiting to see what he does after this mission. SHIELD must know Hawkeye's back now too. Afterall Tony is presented smart here and Dr. Strange was surprised by Clint's arrival.

I think Bendis's Clint was dead on. I'm not so sure about Tony knowing that Clint is back yet though. Maybe down the line they're in a battle and Clint spouts off some remark that has Tony, Jan and co do a double take.

> Cage has a problem with Hawkeye. Oookay. And wasn't his Hand pun in the earlier 2 issues? Gotta go check. Will check back if he fought as hard to keep his H4H team from breaking up too...

Does Cage remember the HoM? If he does I and in fact does remember Hawkeye as one of his teammates I wouldn't have thought that he would have given him such a hard time.

Then again he did supposedly die and it wouldn't be the first time Tony cloned dead teammates.

> Someone should remind IF that Echo is deaf. And he should go with Logan for a refresher course in fighting ninjas. He did probably do mortal damage activating his Iron Fist though.

He wasn't on the ball that night. Logan was bleeding out all over his ballerina shoes.

> Feel that Ms. Marvel had more character moments than Ms. Drew this time around.

Yea, which I found surprising since we know Jess is a favorite of Bendis. Its not time for her to speak up yet I guess.

> As EVIL as Elektra now - actions speak louder than words, right? Will coming back to (a new) life be a valid defense? Have her chances of officially joining the Avengers, now, gotten worse (Wanda wants to know the answer too)? Will the cover to 31 be as intriguing? And the most important question: Will my brother by the next issue?

I think putting a blade through Elektra should make up for almost killing the good Doctor. (I think we all know he's not dead).
> http://comicsmedia.ign.com/comics/image/article/786/786491/new-avengers-20070508031356529.jpg
> http://comicsmedia.ign.com/comics/image/article/784/784129/new-avengers-20070504064259111.jpg
> http://comicsmedia.ign.com/comics/image/article/784/784129/new-avengers-20070504064300314.jpg
> http://comicsmedia.ign.com/comics/image/article/784/784129/new-avengers-20070504064257798.jpg
> http://comicsmedia.ign.com/comics/image/article/784/784129/new-avengers-20070504064306376.jpg
> http://comicsmedia.ign.com/comics/image/article/784/784129/new-avengers-20070504064307751.jpg


> > Good to see Voodoo admit Strange his mystic better. Spell of Tartashi? Okay, Doc has an arsenal but this is a POWERFUL spell that should be revisited or revealed to have limits.
> Eh, I didn't really see the need for a room-wide spell. Just limit it to Clint.

It was room wide for look at how Spiderwoman was afftected by the spell. She still does not have purest of heart to the team (i am surprised no one has said any thing on this yet.)

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