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Subj: Ronin as heroic equivalent of Erik the Red?
Posted: Sat May 12, 2007 at 07:15:36 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Every time Ronin shows up it should be a new person under the mask!!!
Posted: Sat May 12, 2007 at 12:25:24 am EDT

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The first time Ronin appeared, it turned out to be Echo. Next, as we just found out, it was actually you-know-who (no spoilers here).

So, since Ronin appears to be a rotating position, I propose that every single story that Ronin shows up in, it turns out that someone brand new is actually behind the mask! Wouldn't that be sooooooo cool?

Just think, there are so many candidates! We could have Moon Knight and Iron Fist and Sharon Carter and Scott Lang and Hank Pym (he loves swithing identities) and Baron Zemo and Carol Danvers and Devil Dinosaur and Swordsman (the guy who's identity you try to guess turns out to be another guy who's identity you tried to guess) and Misty Knight and Frog Man and Tiger Shark and the Living Eraser and so on. The possibilities are endless! We can pad this gimmick out forever!!!!! \:\-p

Ben H
--one-time posessor of the Ronin identity (along with everyone else on the planet)

As I said in post's title - I'm reminded of occasional X-Men villain, Erik the Red. For those who don't know / remember: Erik the Red was the villain that, every time he appeared, turned out to be someone else. The first time he turned out to be disguised Cyclops. Next, "Erik the Red" turned out to be Shi'ar agent (Shakari was his name, if I recall correctly). The third time he turned out to be Magneto...

Ronin can have similar place in Avengers mythos: an identity that is passed from hero to hero when a need for a disguise arises.

The idea may be developed further... Ronin could become a regular Avenger - in the sense that all other Avengers would take turns and pretend to be a fictional Avenger Ronin \:\-\) It could be a way to totallly confuse villains - they would spend a lot of time trying to figure out Ronin's powers and weaknesses. And... they wouldn't be able to, because "Ronin" would be constantly changing...

Of course, things may be then made completetely weird - by having *villains* adopt Ronin's identity... In the end, Ronin could become and ultimate wildcard in Marvel Universe: an identity that's constantly adopted by various heroes and villains. That way, *nobody* would who Ronin actually is at any given moment. And what side does he / she belong to...