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Subj: You're not Ronin, you're a very naughty boy...
Posted: Sat May 12, 2007 at 10:30:55 pm EDT
Reply Subj: I'm Ronin! No, I'm Ronin! I'm Ronin! I'm Ronin! I'm Ronin! I'm Ronin! I'm Ronin! (nt)
Posted: Sat May 12, 2007 at 03:46:14 am EDT

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> > The first time Ronin appeared, it turned out to be Echo. Next, as we just found out, it was actually you-know-who (no spoilers here).
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> > So, since Ronin appears to be a rotating position, I propose that every single story that Ronin shows up in, it turns out that someone brand new is actually behind the mask! Wouldn't that be sooooooo cool?
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> > Just think, there are so many candidates! We could have Moon Knight and Iron Fist and Sharon Carter and Scott Lang and Hank Pym (he loves swithing identities) and Baron Zemo and Carol Danvers and Devil Dinosaur and Swordsman (the guy who's identity you try to guess turns out to be another guy who's identity you tried to guess) and Misty Knight and Frog Man and Tiger Shark and the Living Eraser and so on. The possibilities are endless! We can pad this gimmick out forever!!!!! \:\-p
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> > Ben H
> > --one-time posessor of the Ronin identity (along with everyone else on the planet)
> The Mandarin: your friendly neighborhood evil mad scientist kung fu grandmaster with all the power of a horde of dragons at his fingertips!



I love the Ronin concept and think a rotation idea would really do justice to the charcter i think all of you are thinking too much
'IN THE BOX' as it were.

What made the last Ronin great was that by looking at the art there was no way on earth you would realise Ronin was in fact a 35kg Gymnastic deaf chick whose claim to fame was once appearing on the 'price is right' in 86.

Next Ronins should be....

THING, oh the suprise as Ronan peels back the mask and people gasp and wonder how the costume keeps him so slim.

GALACTUS..Now...it might sound crazy but give this time, without DR strange the new avengers are pretty low end and come on GALACTUS WITH A SWORD....KICK ASS!!!

EGO the living planet..Again it might seem a stretch but as Ronin lies on the floor gasping, luke gently peels back the mask and EGO is revealed, the scene at lasts propels EGO into the heart and minds of everyone as he undergoes the regeneration*

*note to all, did i explain Ronin should be a little like Dr Who who when a Ronin dies changes into another version.

FingFangFoom, The look on Tony Starks Face as he dies mortal combat with Ronin at first SERIOUSLY under esitimating him until the mask gets caught and comes of...

Ironman: GASP...FFF is that YOU? NOo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hats off to Bendis, his Ronin concept has got to be the best idea since George Lucas decided to make prequels


MORE NINJAS MORE NINJAS they NEVER get boring.......

They are so well trained yet they always act like the stormtroopers in starwars most of the time, I love it though how suddenly Luke Cage, Spiderman, Dc Strange, are having so much trouble against some people in pajamas..

LUKE LUKE don't forget you have unbreakable skin...OH NO!!! he forgot!

Spiderman Don't Forget you have spider sense and incredbile strength and speed that surpasses any human achievement oh no YOU forgot too...

Dr, you have faced threats on a COSMIC scale, one spell you could stop all this nonsense and..OH NO...you've forgotten...

NOTE to bendis, Ninjas although cool are now a little passe`, try replacing them with SPARTANS brought back from the past