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Subj: Re: [no spoilers here]
Posted: Thu May 17, 2007 at 07:56:56 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Re: Mighty Avengers # 3... [ALL SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu May 17, 2007 at 08:32:22 am EDT (Viewed 1 times)

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> > My MA#3 preview comments:
> > http://www.comicboards.com/avengers/view.php?rpl=070513021410
> >
> > And now the other pages:
> > -waaay better than NA this month
> No chance.
> > -big conflict for the big MU team is a good thing
> /yawn
> > -thinking "..." seemed a waste. Nitpick: Either he was unconscious and
> > the panel was cluttered with a wasted thought balloon or he wasn't and
> > he was obviously disoriented with a wasted thought balloon. If he was
> > awake after that explosion and had something for the readers to know
> > then it wouldn't have been a wasted thought balloon
> Disagree. The fact that he was disorented was what the readers needed to know.
-was it a midair save or from in the plane?
> > -have a phone was a fun line. Nitpick: Still, it shows this team ill
> > prepared to not even have a communication capability. Surely, the
> > Widow should have a mike
> Agreed.
> > -so Hank and Jan are done, eh? Funny confirmation(s). Including the
> > licking!
> > -caught with his pants down! Ha. Sometimes Hank makes the worse
> > choices
> > -okay, do not recall the absorbing of energy. Wasted time leafing
> > back to confirm. She seemed to fly Ares fine - maybe I'll check issue
> > 2?
> Still scratching my head about that one.
> > -pupiless eyes thru shades is freaky. And probably prevents him from
> > seeing he has a secret crush on Carol (like he did Wanda) that won't
> > be expressed 'til issue... oh, say MA#143? \:\-p
> Don't think it's much of a secret... to him anyway.
:) true
> > -"..." is waaaaaay more preferable to the bracketted "if that's what
> > happened". Pet peeve: Hate brackets in word balloons. There should be
> > only words. Besides if he's making an official report and doesn't
> > believe what he's saying he might get demoted by the ESPer unit. Or
> > just use the adverb, "apparently"
> Agreed.
> > -the confusion relating the transformation of Ultron was spot on
> Agreed.
> > -the epic of the battle seemed a bit minimalized by the smaller panels
> > but balanced out but the fact they were included
> Was this supposed to be epic?
-thought one aspect of the ish was to show another example of Setnry as Superman, afterall Wondy and Ares were no help to subdue Jantron physically apparently (though it can be rightfully argued that maybe they were hurting from the monster fight or maybe it was an awesome Ms Marvel play).
> > -Ultron faces: very scary sight
> Yeah.
> > -so Jantron finally manages to subdue Marvel Superman. This is
> > actually a good thing if they want to believably keep him on a team
> > of lessers
> Agreed.
> > -wait a minute! He's gonna catch that thing?! Wasn't he just subdued.
> > Wasted time leafing back ONE page. Oh well, guess not. Here comes a
> > Superman catch...
> Hated this. For once, I'd love to see someone try this sort of thing, only for them to break through the object and have no effect on its fall. Ah well, at least we got the latter.
> > -FOOM?!
> Yeah. Foom.
-very Marvel appropriate word granted but still not sure the point of that panel
> > -woah, got to admit that is impressive
> Meh.
> > -more NYC damage. One grunt is colorful but multiple (ongoing?) is
> > just wasting him energy. Nope, he's not going to do it. Even if he
> > stops the momentum the blasted thing is still going to crush
> > buildings. Shoddy Stark tech! Thank goodness for the SHRA to keep it
> > minor. *rhe*
> Loved the multiple grunts, but yeah.
> > -okay SHIELD is intel officers, don't they know if there is a level
> > 10 on board. Natasha has a rank too? Aaaand anooother Olympian in
> > love with her
> SHIELD is a huge organization. I'm not surprised they didn't know. But I wouldn't have expected Natasha to have that rank. What the heck is Hill doing being second to Tony if Natasha's got this rank. Hmph.
> > -Now THAT was a cute 'heartfelt' thought balloon
> Heheheh. Awww.
> > -FULL SCALE WORLD WIDE WHITE ALERT! (sounds serious)
> Cue the Clash's Armageddon Time.
-drats! A reference I don't get. I am very realworldmusic impaired - Clash is a band here, right?
> > -And kudos to thought-balloons by 'Tasha thinking on the fly instead
> > of interspersed bracketed inventory thoughts
> Yeah.
> > -Mole Man?! What's he doing here for one panel? Gotta dig up issue 1
> > now too
> He's been around the whole time.
-just thought he skidaddled(sp?) for the rest of the arc
> > -Widow comes across as top notch 3 issues in a row now
> Indeed. *love*
> > -awesome cliffhanger grab. It seems Tony continues to live up to his
> > CW-futurist-prepared personality
> Meh. Though I hoping he really is dead.
> ____________________

> > > -FULL SCALE WORLD WIDE WHITE ALERT! (sounds serious)
> > Cue the Clash's Armageddon Time.
> -drats! A reference I don't get. I am very realworldmusic impaired - Clash is a band here, right?

Um... was... circa 25 years ago. The Clash was a late-70s/early-80s punk rock group.

And I messed up a bit. It's Armagideon (but that translates to "Armageddon" in Rasta-speak) Time.