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Subj: and notice what's missing.... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2007 at 02:00:41 am EDT
Reply Subj: Cover For New Avengers #34
Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2007 at 12:00:55 am EDT

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Very interesting-looking.

Looking at the cover, I had figured the story would deal with alternate realities and stuff, but now I'm guessing it could be something similar to Avengers Forever, where Avengers are plucked from different eras. Logan from when he was a samurai, Luke Cage from the early days in his career, Jessica Jones from her days as a superhero, Dr. Strange from his days as a medical doctor, Spider-Man from when he was still a teenager (maybe even before he had powers), an Iron Fist from the past (as there have been many Iron Fist throughout the centuries, as detailed in The Immortal Iron Fist) and Captain America from he was still, you know, alive and stuff.

The only thing that doesn't fit is the woman in the Daredevil costume. I am guessing she could be Echo from the future, one where Matt Murdock isn't Daredevil anymore and she has taken the mantle. Maybe something related to Daredevil: End of Days, which Bendis and David Mack (Echo's creator) are scripting.

...Jessica Drew. GOD, I wish they would stop writing her as a traitor all the time, I mean if it turns out that she betrays the team, who's gonna trust her after that??