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Subj: actually [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2007 at 08:26:02 am EDT
Reply Subj: Re: NA: Illuminati #3 questions. [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 at 08:40:57 pm EDT

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> > Ok these questions may seem very minor....but....
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> > The Fantastic four were staying with the Avengers after the first Secret Wars Right? And then they built Four Freedoms Plaza because the Baxter Building had been destroyed? If thats true then WHY on earth does Reed say "But I've had the Baxter Buildings interdemensional sensors on the lookout for the beyonder ever since the battleworld idiocy"? The Baxter Building had been destroyed before the Secret wars....Right?
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> It was destroyed after Secret Wars but shortly before Secret Wars II. Obviously, this takes place before it was destroyed.
> Michael

Hmmm...But if we are to assume that when the illuminati come across the beyonder's little make believe world, and he's doing the scene with Spiderman, luke cage and Iron fist, from secret wars II (when the beyonder turns a building into gold...) then that would suggest that bendis is saying that this part of the issue is what secret wars II always was...But the trouble with this 'logic' is that in secret wars II as you've already pointed out, the baxter building was long gone. Ergo they shouldn't have been able to land their ship on the baxter building in this scene... :-/

And that's without going into all the ongoing plot strands that spun off from secret wars II, (like for instance Spidey taking the gold notebook from the building turned to gold, and keeping it in his apartment for months afterwards...Are we then suppossed to believe that these spiderman issues were also 'not real' in marvel continuity...Heck why doesn't Bendis just create his own version of the marvel universe, if he's not going to take seriously any other writers work but his own?

This just sums up to me what's wrong with Marvel these days. It's either ineffectual/incompetent editing, or editorial cowardness on their part from not wanting to rein in their 'star' writers...I can just picture the scene...

"Hey Mr Bendis...sorry to interrupt but I think this issue contradicts these 12 issues here..."

BENDIS: "But I wrote it."

"Oh...Okay I see your point...sorry to disturb you Mr Bendis"

*rhe* The really annoying thing is I really, REALLY, wanted to like this issue, as Secret wars is what got me into Marvel in the first place. (Through the UK reprints...)and even seeing Reed in the old 'Byrne' style uniform, brought back some nostalgia...But jeez... What a waste!...Especially as given the artwork was really nice...


I think most of the story is the Beyonder's fantasy, a rehearsal for his real arrival on Earth. That's the only way for the whole story to make sense.

And if he's an Inhuman, he definitely comes from the future, which would explain why Black Bolt doesn't know him.

However, if it happens before his arrival on Earth in SWII, he shouldn't have human form, or if he has, he should look like Captain America as he started by taking Steve's form in SWII. The blakc-haired look came later.

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