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Subj: This could mean ...... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2007 at 04:11:32 pm EDT
Reply Subj: na #31 spoilers from mazingman 728 extreme spoiler [SPOILERS]
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Four Pages to the end: A full page panel with the "body" of Elektra in a pool of blood with pointed ears and chin that is ribbed for her pleasure. Definately a Skrull.

Three and two pages to the end: This is spread of two pages and is only two panels. The Avengers gathered around the "body" of Electra with Iron Fist look towards the body and on the second panel turned towards the Avengers asking "What--What does this mean?"

Last Page is five panels. The first panel is the outside of Dr. Stranges sanctuary with a word balloon from Jessica asking Wong "Are they okay?" The second panel has Jess feeding the baby and Wong in the background...
Jess: Is my husband okay?
Wong: I think so.
Jess: You think?
Wong: They're alive.

Panel three Jess and the baby.
Jess: Okay then.

Panel four a close up of the baby and his bottle.

Panel five: a closer look at the baby with his eyes open with the same look that Maya had when she was being controlled by "Electra" and with a green tint"

And the art sucks in this issue. Just my opinion and not really a Spoiler.
everyone was right a skrull

This could mean that the Skrulls have been back to plot the downfall of the Marvel Super-Heroes starting in Avengers Disassemble.

I suspect that the Wasp is a Skrull. Having n affair with Hawkeye prior to Avengers Dissemble and telling the Scarlet Witch by 'accident' that she had kids setting the stage for the Avengers Dissemble arc.

They are probably the masterminds behind the Civil War.

This puts into question ..... are the some of heroes (or villains) in the Marvel Universe on Earth really Skrulls in disguise undermining the planet in a xenophobic fashion for ease of being conquorered?

Interesting conspiracy theory.