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Subj: Agree completely. Hopefully they'll be some impacting stories. NNT
Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 at 02:42:37 pm EDT
Reply Subj: New Avengers #31: Why you should care. [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2007 at 10:04:34 pm EDT

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I wrote a massive essay... then the computer wonked out... sigh.

> This Realllllly has a Clone saga feeling to it.

Yes it does... but here's why you should care.

The first reaction most readers will have is likely, “big deal, they’re just Skrulls.” And this is true, the Skrulls are often seen as the “jobbers” of the universe, but then, that’s what people used to say about Annihilus.

To be clear, the Earth has been dreading a Skrull invasion on some level, secret, private or public, since 1947 when a group of Skrulls crashed near Roswell, New Mexico.

In truth, however, the Skrulls have known about earth since long before that.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago the Skrulls fought with the Kree on earths moon. Apparently the creatures of Monster Isle are of Skrullish origins. In the 1930’s, a human found a Skrull ship on Earth, but he never got the chance to tell anyone about it.

Regardless, a Skrull who landed on earth in 1947 went undetected for the next 40 years, eventually reaching the highest levels of government as a senator and no doubt considering a run for the White House. Admittedly, this was “one of the good ones,” but another crashed ship was discovered in 1952 and in 1957 Skrull agents successfully infiltrated the executive branch, taking the place of VP Richard Nixon. He was eventually stopped by 3-D Man, but in an alternate reality that no longer exists, this nearly led to an Earth-Skrull war that threatened all of reality, at least according to Immortus.

The largest established invasion of Earth by Skrulls was halted in 1986, but it took the deaths of the vast majority of the world’s super-heroes to stop them. To this day, those heroes are still officially considered missing in action.

The first publicly acknowledged contact with Skrulls came in Fantastic Four #2 when a scouting party was discovered and stopped by Reed Richards (Note: Reed previously uncovered a Skrull spy during the Lost Generation series, even if he didn't know it at the time). Although he forced the shapeshifters to assume the shape of cows, many have resurfaced over the years.

Three re-awakened and brought the Avengers into the Kree-Skrull War, another took the place of a politician before being discovered. Three others, who may or may not have been part of the initial Fantastic Four-cow situation, became involved with the Sensational Hydra incident, infiltrating the world’s largest single terrorist organization at it’s highest level before their leader’s hubris brought the plan down. No doubt he went insane from years in the bovine lifestyle and forced milking.

The milk of Skrull-cows caused disease and mutation in King’s Crossing, Vermont, and the meat of Skrull-cows permanently caused the mutation of various individuals throughout the United States. These individuals, self-dubbed the Skrull Kill Krew discovered a vast network of Skrull spies living on earth, including 3,678 living in the Pleasant Valley community. But honestly, who’s going to listen to a bunch of teenage punks?

Now, it’s true that the Kree-Skrull War, the Hyper-Wave Bomb, the Galactus Event and the Annihilation Wave have all greatly devastated the Skrull empire, but the Skrulls are still a threat.

Remember, the most feared creatures in the intergalactic local group, until very recently, were merely the unwanted offshoots of the Skrulls, and those Dire-Wraiths were responsible for thousands of human deaths on United States soil – a fact that may never have been publicly uncovered.

Also, the biggest technological problems for Earth often are Kree in origin, be that the nigh-unbeatable Sentries, the Inhumans or even the half-breeds that are among the most powerful beings in the known universe.

BUT, the Skrull have been developing their technology since the Kree were wearing fur bikinis and living in caves…. They may not seem like a threat, but there’s more to them than we know.

For example, the Hand are an ancient quasi-mystical organization that is very specialized in who they allow membership to. Encounters with Wolverine not withstanding, they are a powerful organization, powerful enough, it seems, to block the abilities of the Sorcerer Supreme for the entire dimension and nearly kill him. They would have too, had it not been for Wong’s intervention. If this group could have its most influential leader replaced by a Skrull, that means something.

Has Hydra been taken over again? What about SHIELD? What about world governments? Could you imagine a Skrull with Wakandan technology? With Terrigen Mist?

Or worse… in your own home, having replaced your brothers, your sisters, your parents, your spouse…

This revelation by itself is not that impressive, but we weren’t promised a shocking event, we were promised a revelation that would have a major impact on Marvel titles over the next year.

The New Avengers have spent the past year or so looking for a vast conspiracy connecting the problems in SHIELD, Hydra, the Raft and every other problem in their lives – this might well be it.

And Nick Fury, he’s been in hiding, only trusting a select few… but why? He’s done worse than his little “Secret War” before, and he never had to go this far underground for this long… maybe he knows something we don’t.

If Marvel is going where it looks like Marvel is going with this… this could be one fun ride.


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