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Subj: Let me ask about that Doc Strange spell, though... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2007 at 05:23:54 am EDT
Reply Subj: Re: Who do you think. . . . [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 at 08:06:29 pm EDT

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> is a skrull?
> My predictions? The Wasp, if for no other reason to account for her tormenting Hank Pym all these years, and her Austen-written fling with Hawkeye, or Hawkeye, who might have died during the Kree-Skrull War, only to be replaced.
> The crazy thing is that there's so many telepaths/aliens/etc running around the MU who could detect this kind of thing. Dr. Strange? Spiderman? Rom? How could the Skrulls have remained hiddent, especially en masse?
> This was always my main problem with the Rom series. . . .
> > I admit, I have not been a fan of most of the things that have taken place in New Avengers. That said, I like the idea that the Skrulls are being portrayed as a credible, serious menace. For a group of highly advanced aliens with shape-shifting abilities who control a vast interstellar empire, the Skrulls are all too often portrayed as incompetent losers. It would be nice to see them return to the status of a genuine threat against Earth.
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> > Aside from Mark Waid's run on Captain America, and some stuff Chris Claremont did in the X-Men circa 1990 with the "Warskrulls," I don't think the Skrull infiltration paranoia angle has been utilized effectively in, well, decades, probably not since the original Kree/Skrull War, which was so long before my time I never had an opportunity to read it until it finally got the TPB treatment several years ago.
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> > Ben H

I dont think any of the New Avengers are skrulls thanks to Doc Stranges spell making sure everyone is of pure intent. So that pulls the NA out of it.

However I do think its very posible Reed and Tony are skrulls. Look at it this way they are the only two illuminati members that could be succesfully mimiced. Xavier's power is to powerful to mimic and he lives with psychics so hes out. Blackbolt's power is also to strong and medusa would pick up on it in an instant. Namor would also be hard to mimic its not like its easy to impersonate the king of atlantis. Dr. Strange was proven not to be a scrull in NA 30 and 31. However Reed would be easy for a skrull to impersonate, I mean its not like the skrulls havent encountered the 4 1000 times. Tony is simply a human, a human who as recored nearly every second of recorded on video from his suit. He would be easy to replace.

Also look at some evidence, Tony has been acting more and more out character with these evil acts. He put very little security during Cap's walk to trial I mean wouldn't someone like Captain America have the absolute top security for his safety, I mean a sniper from across a building should have been caught by shield.Imprisoning heroes in the negative zone, and making sure captain marvel stays there as a clone. Launching Hulk into space. think of the condition of the world after WWH.

The heroes are still divided, the mutant community has been devistated, Hulk has trashed the planet, and the runaways have done god knows what in the past to change the future and the one hero who could unite all the heroes under a common threat is dead.

If some members of congress, Tony Stark, Reed Richards, and Quicksilver were all skrulls then everything would be explained

> I dont think any of the New Avengers are skrulls thanks to Doc Stranges spell making sure everyone is of pure intent. So that pulls the NA out of it.

Does it?

Here's what I'm reading (and what Bendis repeated in his two interviews on the subject.)

Look at it from the POV of the skrulls. Religiously speaking, Earth is theirs. They're trying to save their race by taking it. That's a pure intent, strictly speaking.