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Subj: Here's my list [SPOILERS]
Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2007 at 10:51:14 am EDT
Reply Subj: Who CAN'T you trust? And why? [NEW AVENGERS 31 SPOILERS]
Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2007 at 12:39:45 am EDT

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Alright, so it's Skrulls... so lets assume they've infested themselves in key places, where might they be?

I'm sure the X-Men will be involved in some way, but none of Whedon's team will be a Skrull and I doubt the New X-Men would have one, but it's possible.

I don't think any of the ongoing solo heroes have been replaced.. they did that with Wolverine a few years back and it cheapened the stories (it also meant every issue by Larsen did not technically have Wolverine in it).

It's not Maria Sharpe because, well, that would change the meaning of Civil War, wouldn't it?

Also, don't assume that just because we've seen internal monologue it isn't a Skrull. On multiple occassions the Skrulls have brainwashed their own operatives.

I doubt any of the Thunderbolts have been replaced.

So... here's my list:

Maria Hill - yes, it's the obvious choice, but at least one high-ranking official needs to be obvious.

Baby Cage - well dur.

Wonder Man - I'm thinking some time between the PAD series and Mighty.

Trauma - yes, it may be obvious because he has shape-shifting powers, but he's also the one with the least backstory in the Initiative.

Justice - he always wants to know what's going on and puts up just enough of a fight to seem displeased, but he always does as he's told and keeps secrets anyway.

Ditto from She-Hulk - wouldn't that be a trip? Okay, probably not.

Iron Man - I really want Tony to be a Skrull... not because I want to negate Civil War, that was all Tony, but because it would be the biggest coup the invaders could possibly make. It can't be him, however, as he's too central to World War Hulk right now.

Villains - I would not be surprised if a lot of villains have been replace (because seriously, who would think to check?!), and hey, Punisher just freed up a bunch of identities!

Who's on your list?

Suspiciously observing these folks:

Iron Fist. He's currently appearing in a different costume than he is wearing in his own book, which conveniently takes place before current Avengers events. Since he's getting ready to go fight mystical types in some magic city, I think the NA Danny could be a Skrull. I'm guessing the Skrulls have ties to Hydra (that's probably how they get Elektra) and Hydra has been moving in on Danny's company.

Sentry. It wouldn't make a lot of sense because if the Skrulls could make themselves this powerful than why not just attack outright? However, you could use this logic with a million Wolverines. Sentry magically reappeared and his story seems to contradict what we already know about him. It's a long shot but I wouldn't dismiss it outright.

Hawkeye. Maybe it's obvious but he did return from the dead recently. Maybe he only thinks he's Hawkeye. However, something may have happened to him at the end of that issue with the Scarlet Witch.

Jessica Drew. Maybe she's really been working with the Skrulls all this time

Jonah Jameson. It would work.

I don't think A-list heroes will be on the list, but many supporting ones like Wonderman and the like. Otherwise, it would cheapen what is going on in their own books. Iron Man would be too predictable (plus they probably invented extremis and will use it to control him). Spiderman is going through too much stuff right now for it to be him. Nick Fury won't be a Skrull just because it will be more interesting for him not to be.

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