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Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 at 08:53:30 am EST (Viewed 1 times)
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> > > I was re-reading the Illuminati series a while back. I was wondering
> > > the pertinance of the Beyonder appearing in the series (and his
> > > return to Earth). Has he been active in the Marvel Universe the last
> > > few years in a different guise?
> > > This is probably completely hare-brained, because I don't know
> > > eithers history very well, but could the Beyonder be the Sentry?
> >
> > I definitely see the possibility of this being true. But then, I can't think of another reason they would muddy the Beyonder's story.
> This would be a good a idea a magnitude indirectly proportional to the amount of time Marvel takes to reveal it. Still wouldn't really clarify that issue though, does it?

Well it would clarify his ability to recreate Lindy. And if he was mindwiped somehow, it would explain his mental instability and the void would represent his subconcious fighting his identity repression, maybe? and it would explain why he was even in the Illuminati mini-series.

This never even occurred to me, but it fits PERFECTLY.

The Beyonder (No matter who he really was) wanted to be adored, wanted to be loved, he wanted to be a super-hero, but he realized he could not be as long as he had unlimited power. That was the entire point of Secret Wars 2.

Let me see if I can create a tentative timeline for the Beyonder based on this.

1 - Mutant Inhuman born. His own power makes it impossible for him to function properly and his behaviour is erratic. Escaping the scrutiny of the council of elders, he erases the memories of his existence from the minds of all Inhumans.
2 - Owen Reece has his accident, releasing the immense power of a Cosmic Cube into our universe, but without a container to hold it. We already know part of the power turns him into Molecule Man... now, this is 100% speculation, but perhaps the rest of the power sought out the nearest being that resembled him: the mutant Inhuman, whose power also was reshaping local reality? After all, at the time there cannot have been many beings near Earth with that kind of power.
Could have been the Scarlet Witch, I gues...
3 - The union of cosmic power and mutant inhuman is so traumatized by the merger, it escapes to its own pocket dimension. After a while, it becomes aware of an opening to our universe, not realizing its own moment of birth and the moment the opening was made (Reece' accident) were the same moment.
4 - The events of "Secret Wars" one and two.
5 - Secret Wars 3: Owen Reece and the confused but more mature Beyonder realize they share the power of a Cosmic Cube between them. They merge. Eventually three beings emerge (although we are only aware of two at the time): the Molecule Man, The new Cosmic Cube which evolves into Kosmos and eventually the Maker (and is currently dead, but that might not mean much), and the mutant Inhuman who has maintained the countenance he had as the Beyonder.
6 - Illuminati: the mutant Inhuman encounters the Illuminati. The meeting convinces him, after consideration, that he will never fit in with the people he desperately wants to be friends with unless he makes some changes.
7 - 100% speculation: the mutant Inhuman takes the appearance of the Sentry, but also radically changes himself - he erases his own memories, effectively being reborn in the past, living as Rob Reynolds until his powers manifest themselves, catalyzed by the serum, which was actually ineffective... OR he grafts himself unto the REAL person Rob Reynolds after first manifesting himself as a vial of serum; the power drives Reynolds insane, turning him into the Void, and eventually the Sentry splits off from him... OR he enters the world in the present, first altering the minds of everyone on Earth, and then his own as well.

It's possible... neither the Beyonder nor the Sentry seem to fit all that well.