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Subj: Yellowjacket
Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2008 at 09:09:21 pm EST
Reply Subj: The 2007 Edwin Award Winners!
Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2008 at 07:39:23 pm EST

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The 2007 Edwin Award Winners!

Well, Hank/Yellowjacket was a big winner here, but I find it interesting that his Yellowjacket persona was his most popular.

While I agree the costume looks good, I never liked it on Hank Pym. For one thing, I always have and always will associate the costume and name with Hank's other personality. Sometimes this has been a mere shift in attitude and other times it was a literal shift in identity, but regardless, it was someone who is not the person Hank Pym was meant to be. Not to mention the memories of "wife beating" that people seem to have connected to the name and costume.

Ideally, I see Hank Pym as a scientist, but one whom willingly alters his own body and abilities to discover more about science. Ant-Man is who he was, and Giant Man is who he wanted to be, but he was always somewhere in between.

I like the idea of Hank Pym having a costume that is not colorful spandex (like Yellowjacket) but is utilitarian (like Ant-Man), but with the ability to transform as he does (like the Perez-designed or O'Grady costumes).

Anyone else have thoughts on this?