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Subj: Re: Secret Invasion: The Great Eraser
Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 at 06:18:59 pm EST
Reply Subj: Secret Invasion: The Great Eraser
Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 at 10:10:02 pm EST

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Think about it.
The secret invasion allows for any character to be returned whole (perhaps alive from presumed dead) and intact without any baggage from previous storylines. Hank Pym never created Ultron or hit Jan, Skrull Pym did that. The last thing Pietro remembers is being in the Savage Land- he never married Crystal, never went insane or evil about a half dozen times. Pym and Quicksilver could be returned to pristine quality. What an amazing tool to be able to utilize to restore characters to previously unrestorable and unforseeable greatness.
A list of characters who could use a recreation
the aforementioned Quicksilver and Yellowjacket
Scarlet Witch
Alpha Flight
Cap (of course)
If you were in the planning room at Marvel, what event or character development would you like to see erased.
As you could probably guess, I'd like to see Pym's and Pietro's history unwritten and rewritten.

I've thought about it and agree this is a good plot device which I don't think they will take full advantage of.

Quicksilver - I'd have him grabbed during the first Kree Skrull war. Lets face it historically they came home, and he's off getting married to Chrystal within two years. Part of the invasion would have to be to inconvience the FF. They did replace Alicia to drive a wedge in the group.

Hawkeye - is/was my favorite character for ages. Yet I'd rewrite the history where, he also never came home from the original war. Remember it ended with him missing as Goliath. A few issues later he shows up in that blue dress costume with the headband. What were they thinking? I'd blame that on the skrull. The originals are still hooked up to a machine where the sleepers are basically acting in character but glitches do appear. (The Quicksilver model had bad wiring.)