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Subj: Really.
Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2008 at 09:45:33 am CST
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Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2008 at 11:14:50 pm CST

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> Stark,reed,namor,blackbolt,xavier, strange have made things worse in the 616. Think about it itwas them who invaded the skrull world and confronted the skrulls which led them to get captured and the lessons learned by the skrulls allowed them to create these new super skrulls.

As much as they may have angered the Skrulls with that, even if they never did it, what are the chances that the Skrulls would honestly stop trying to invade Earth? Seriously.

> Also now thanks to them taking the infinty gems the skrulls have the space gem.

That all depends on how long Black Bolt has been a Skrull, no? We don't know yet.

> Also the hulk decision backfired on them(except xavier) when the hulk came back mader and stronger then before with new allies and smarter and the combined war devestated new york.(I know they didn't land him on the planet or blew the ship up killing his wife but they had to know he would be back and he would be angry for screwing him and the tape of them admditing it was stupid.

Actually, for them (as opposed to for us readers), it wasn't really predictible/inevitable/probably, or even plausible, that he'd ever be able to return from where they were intending to send him. And let's face it, if Hulk lived on your planet, we'd pretty much all be in support of launching him into space.

Admitting what they'd done to him was a bad move, born of their absolute belief there'd be no way back home for him.

> And the indvidual members have caused numerous things on there own. Stark created weather satilites that were later used by Ultron to cause damages

So Stark should give up his job of inventing things in case Ultron should ever steal them?

> and lets not forget stark knew parts of dta from ultron where still there and didn't do anything about it.

He didn't exactly have much chance to do anything about it between #6-7, did he now?

> Reed and Stark and Pym created clor and it went screwy and killed golaith and also turned a powerful possible ally agianst stark in thor.

Yes, they have a death on their hands, and Hank is at least guilt-ridden over that. But as for Thor, who knew
a) Thor would ever be back?
b) Thor was anti-cloning?
c) Thor would cretinously blame Stark for something Reed and Hank did?

> Also we know all the spin tech and tech for the inative and thunder bolts are going to fall in enemy hands.

Stark and the Initiative aren't directly running the Thunderbolts. Whatever happens there, they're not to blame. And the Initiative's infiltrator is with Hydra, and thus doomed to fail worse than the Initiative ever could.

> With all the mistrust between super heros and starks side it is so open the door for the skrulls.

And yet most of the superhero community IS now registered and on Stark's side. All that's left are a couple of groups who can't accept that the war's over, and their side lost.

The whole Illuminati thing never actually happened until Bendis and company decided to say it happened, and they only created this whole thing to create the stuff they've spun out of it. When all those past stories took place the original writers wrote their characters winning WITHOUT the Illuminati, then they say the Illuminati was behind it.

So they had to MAKE the Illuminati to create the problems they've caused and the only real reason to do it was to set all this up. They are the catalysts for everything that happens AFTER they wrote the stories because that's what the whole thing was designed for. I'll agree with the original poster because these things wouldn't be happening if not for the set up they are intrinsically responsible for, and nothing that EVER was written in the past had a single thing to do with the Illuminati so they can only be responsible for anything positive by retroactively SAYING they were even though we know not a single writer in the past was setting all this up.

WITHOUT the Illuminati stuff we could still have these stories, true, because without enemies the MU gets dull. I still like it when the bad guys can come up with devious plots themselves without the 'Heroes' screwing everything up to get it all started.


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