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Subj: Re: What X-men would make good Avengers and vice versa.
Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2008 at 04:29:03 pm EST
Reply Subj: What X-men would make good Avengers and vice versa.
Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2008 at 01:49:30 pm EST

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I asked this question on the X board, just wondered what answers avengers fans would provide?

Just was wondering if any1 else here thought about it, Beast and Wolverine are the main ones i can think of that have really done both. Which other characters do you think would be good.

Ive always wanted to see cyclops in the avengers, just for a leadership fued with CAP.

Storm also would be a good fit for earths mightiest heroes.

Quicksilver n Scarlet Witch are two ive always wnated to see in the main x-men team.

Any others you guys can think of?

I'd like to see Justice and Firestar try being X-men for a bit. Also a few of the GLA members would be interesting X-men and would be interesting to see in a competent group with actual training. Quicksilver would be interesting, but he was in X-factor once, does that count?

As for mutants in Avengers. I'd like to see Nightcrawler, Iceman, longshot, or angel. (maybe colossus, cannonball, or jubilee too, but i am unsure on these.)

A post on X-men and avengers swapping villains for a bit also has potential.

I'd like to see the X-men challenge Kang (maybe he offers a, on the surface less dark looking, future, only for them to see it is not as nice as it first looks). Or deal with Ultron (I doubt he differentiates mutants from humans beyond anything but threat level), Or fight a group with whirlwind in it (after all he is a mutant).

I'd like to see the Avengers fight Apocalypse (after all he'd judge most as unfit) and Mojo (a perfect foe for Wonder Man).