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Subj: My West Coast Avengers
Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2008 at 01:00:46 pm EST
Reply Subj: If you could create a third Avengers team. . .
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. . . who would you choose. No one from the current two teams and lets just say they are on the West Coast or something.

Here's my picks.

1) The New Captain America
2) Storm
3) Captain Marvel
4) Falcon
5) She-Hulk
6) Ant-Man
7) White Tiger
8) Black Panther

Just my picks. I think Marvel could almost get by with another Avengers team book. (X-men certainly seems to always have four or five teams out there.)

I've been tossing around an idea in my head for the last few days for a relaunch of West Coast Avengers. The set up is that they are temporarilly on the West Coast to clear up the gang problem out there. The team is:

USAgent, still unregistered and something of a celebrity. He's really popular as a former Cap, given Cap's cult status.
Yellow Jacket and War Machine on loan from the initiative.
Moon Knight drafted in because he has now registered. It turns out he also spent his spare time while an Avenger fighting the gangs.
Living Lightning because he knows a few things about gangs.

There's a SHIELD agent watching over them. She's the agent from the Cap/Falcon series - the one who got involved with the Falcon. She get's called Mockingbird around the office and it eventually sticks (especially when she fights her way out of a bar with a pair of cues).

Finally (almost finally) the Falcon himself makes seven. He will never register and so can't really get onboard. An exception was made for USAgent and this really upsets Falcon. He feels like he's being governmented off the project (like before), but he won't sign up no matter what. Lots of fun there.

And finally, finally: hints and clues for the first year, but yes, Clint Barton is keeping a close eye on this team.

Outing Lightning? Yes, but as a Dominicus stooge ALL ALONG. Got to get the Phantom Rahder in there somewhere too as their nemesis - yee har. I should be writing this stuff.