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Subj: My faves, my suggestions, and some missed opportunities...
Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 at 01:25:28 am EST
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Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 at 09:08:17 am EST

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Who are your favourite female avengers? Also what other women do you think would be good in the team. Thanks

> Who are your favourite female avengers? Also what other women do you think would be good in the team. Thanks

Tops in my book are:

The Scarlet Witch
I very very slowly grew to like The Scarlet Witch. It took a long time for her to become one of my all-time favorite Marvel heriones. For me I think it really started with Steve Englehart....hmmm...around issue 128 (Volume I). By the time Jim Shooter and Perez finished "The Bride of Ultron" she had fully deveoped into one of the most interesting Marvel characters.

The Wasp
I always looked at her as one of THE Avengers...maybe due to her founder status, but she was just kind of ...there. Never did much for me. Oddly enough it was during Jim Shooter's disastrous second run (when he essentially demolished Henry Pym and Tigra) that I found her intersting and started to develop a deep fondness for the character. By the time Roger Stern left she was a favorite. In fact, she was one of the only Avengers I think Stern "got right". Geoff JOhns did good by her and as unhappy as I am with Bendis I think he does a pretty good Wasp also.

Hated it when she joined. Couldn't stand Stern's version. John Byrne changed everything. Unfortunatley he seems to have been the only one to have gotten her right as an Avenger. Well...Kurt Busiek did a good job but he under-utilized her. I thought he had gold when he brought her back on to the team. Should have kept her there consistently...he had an interesting unplumbed dynamic going with Jen, Ms. Marvel and Triathlon.

Speaking of Carol, Ms. Marvel is a very solid Avenger. She should be a mainstay in my book. She has the potential to be iconic I think..but she still has not made my list of Favorites...interesting but not a one of my favorites.

The Black Widow is one of my favortie characters but just not as an Avenger. That's not to say I don't think she shouldn't be an Avenger - she most definitley should be. It's just that despite her long history with the team no one has ever done anything remotley interesting with her AS AN AVENGER. When she is on the team she is just...there. She has never contributed anything. Also I think Kurt Busiek did the character a tremendous diservice when he revealed that she could not hold the team together after Onslaught. I'll be follwoing what Bendis does with her very closely.

In this same vein, another missed opportunity is Tigra. Marvel Chillers Tigra is one of my all-time favorite characters but bears no resemblance to any Tigra who has ever been an Avenger. A shame really...she could be a fantastic addition to the team.

Okay, back to Favorites:

Steve Englehart's Moondragon was a strong, complex and fascinating character who I thought made a great addition to the team. A little before her time...kind of the Emma Frost of her day but before the general readership realized "bad girls" could be cool. Mark Gruenwald did to Moondragon what Jim Shooter did to Henry Pym. And nothing has ever been the same for her since. Peter David's Moondragon could have made an interesting Avenger but alas...

Englehart's Mantis was one of the most enigmatic and interesting Avengers ever. She remains a fave...unfortunately she seems to have been a one-shot. It's almost inconceivable to picture the charatcer as an Avenger now. Not sure she should be either...though I am enjoying her immensely in Starlord.

Crystal made a fantastic addition to the team and because of her many and varied connections to the rest of the MU was a potent story-engine. My preference was to have had her on the team with her husband, a sane Quicksilver. But with or without him I thought she made valuable contributions to the book.

Non-Avenger women who could and should be Avengers include:

Dazzler! Yep, she should have joined the Avengers instead of the X-Men and stayed far far away from the clutches of C.C.

Storm! It's high time Storm leave the X-verse and take her place among earth's mightest heroes. I think Storm is a much better fit on the Avengers than Wolverine.

Lady Lark! The Squadorn Supreme member should migrate from her universe (ala the pre-crisis Black Canary) and join the awesome assemblers. I just think this woman with sonic powers and majestic wings would make a great Avenger.