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Subj: Re: Thoughts on New Avengers future membership.
Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 at 01:29:52 pm EST
Reply Subj: Thoughts on New Avengers future membership.
Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 at 08:28:46 pm EST (Viewed 1 times)

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I was thinking about who might be able to fill Dr. Strange's spot in NA. I changed my mind given the fact that he is unregistered and think it would be cool for the new Captain America to join. He has a history with Wolverine, which is interesting and it would just seem like a better fit for him, rather than putting him in Mighty Avengers. The NA was largly loyal to the first Cap to begin with. It makes more sense.

I'd like to see Thor on the team also, but he wouldn't show up every issue. He could give them sanctuary in the new Asgard when they need it. He would fill the powerhouse position nicely and be a great opposition to the Sentry in MA.

I'd like Clint to be Hawkeye again, now that Iron Man knows he is back.

Maybe Marvel Boy could make his big return and become part of the NA under the guise of Ronin, seeing as how he was a fugitive at one time, having declared war on America. After his chat with the Illuminati, he becomes a hero for a change and sides with the Avengers.

Tigra would make sense given her recent problems with The Hood. Maybe she gets fed up with the registration as a result and begins aiding the NA. Everyone says Bendis doesn't like her, but he seems to be using her alot lately, and she does put up a fight by the end of last story arc.

So then:

1) Captain America
2) Thor
3) Luke Cage
4) Spiderman
5) Wolverine
6) Hawkeye
7) Iron Fist
8) Echo
9) Marvel Boy as Ronin III
10) Tigra

> I was wondering what is going to happen with the two teams (three if you count the Avengers running the innitiative program). I think some hints were mentioned in Captain America #34, when he asks what will people think when your seen chauffering a non registered hero? With Spider woman (i think Skrull) leaving new Avengers and Doctor Strange leaving that leaves it down to Cage, Spider Man, Wolverine, Iron Fist, Echo, Ronin II. O thonk Cage will elave to sort out his life, I don't see Echo staying around. But with al the distrust going around would they take in Tigra? Maybe this is the point where they start to trust one another again?
I wonder if tony (in agreement with the new Avengers, will have the Black Widow return to New Avengers and run that team and have Captain America X join that team. I don't see Wolverine or Spider Man leaving, it helps to much in sales.. Maybe iron fist leaves with Cage and helps him sort out his life. It was also mentioned that Thor would be returning. So I think the New Avengers line up will be( eventually.)

Black Widow (leader)
Thor I
Hawkeye I
Captain America X
Spider Man I
Wolverine (reserve)

I haven't thought of the Might Avengers. I'm thinking either or both Wonder Man and Wasp are Skrulls. Not sure what that team might look like. Maybe Doc Samson will join.


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