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Subj: Re: New Avengers and a certain female ex-Avenger.... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 at 12:59:05 pm EST
Reply Subj: Re: New Avengers and a certain female ex-Avenger.... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 at 06:34:01 am EST

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> Twice now, Tigra has been brutalized horribly at the hands of the same villains, this time while (apparently) naked and in bed (not that they did anything other than punch and threaten her).
> I realize this is intended to make the Hood into someone the fans will love to hate.... but so far I just hate the whole situation.
> This isn't just making Hood into a bad guy, it's making Tigra into the super-hero punching bag.
> I get the feeling Bendis is building to a big showdown in which the Hood gets his come-upins (which would be contradictory to his "new Kingpin" comments in interviews), but that just isn't enough.
> This isn't the only way her name has been drug through the mud. In Mighty Avengers and Initiative she is dating Hank Pym. Nothing's wrong with that, but the implication is that she's a sex-crazed floozy. C'mon, even She-Hulk's gotten past that label.
> The only way to redeem this situation is for Tigra herself to become a major player in the Marvel Universe... she needs to be the detective that Black Panther is, the fighter that Wolverine is and the star that Spider-Man is.
> Personally, I'd love to see that. As it is, I get the feeling she's going to continue to be the joke of the Marvel Universe.
> I was never a big Tigra fan, but this just isn't right ....

Agreed. I hate it when writers completely ignore huge chunks of a character's background. In Tigra's case 1) she became a NY police officer in her own mini series and 2) Captain America was there at her graduation.

So 1) why isn't she a cop any more? Be nice if they had explored that, especially when it was a cop that was responsible for her current troubles (the re-assignment) and 2) would she have really betrayed Cap, the man who had been so supportive of her?

I have to agree with alot of the points made about Tigra. She is out of character. Unfortunately the only thing I can think of is that she's a Skrull! Well, a Skrull who scares easily!

Tigra is a disposable character that it makes sense that she is a Skrull. But you know what they say about assuming.

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