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Subj: Re: "Pet" Avenger Lockjaw - What is he, really?
Posted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 at 03:55:36 pm EST (Viewed 208 times)
Reply Subj: "Pet" Avenger Lockjaw - What is he, really?
Posted: Wed Jan 26, 2011 at 05:55:40 pm EST (Viewed 241 times)

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Seeing that Lockjaw is a pet Avenger, perhaps it is on-topic to ask here: What is he/it, exactly? My understanding is that he was at one time a typical Inhuman who, as near as I can tell, got the short end of the Terrigen Mist stick (BTW - if you were standing in line behind Lockjaw-to-be for the Mist-ification procedure, and you saw that particular outcome, wouldn't you think seriously about invoking the old "I left the baby on the bus!" trick and getting out of Dodge as quickly as possible?). But right now, is he:

(A) A dog - albeit a giant-sized dog with the ability to teleport - with the typical intellectual/cognitive skills of a dog.
(B) A person (Inhuman) with the typical intellectual/cognitive skills of a person, yet needing to be let out every so often, an occasional flea bath, etc.
(C) An Inhuman version of a dog, which begs the question of Inhuman versions of budgies, elephants, fleas, and other terran animals.
(D) All the above.
(E) None of the above.

Thanks for helping me resolve this incredibly serious question.

The official story is that Lockjaw is a Terrigenized dog. There was a story involving Thing wherein Lockjaw talks to him, but it was eventually revealed to have been a practical joke played on him by other Inhumans (I think Gorgon and Karnak). The thinking at the time was that the Inhumans are the good guys, so we can't have them treating a person like a dog.

That said, I've always felt that he should actually be a true Inhuman. Let's face it, Inhuman society has always even been a Eugenics-run Autocracy, that isn't always benevolent. They continue to treat the Alpha Primitives like crap. They segregate their own. There are forced marriages to ensure genetic strength. Etc. Etc. If anyone were Terrigenized into the form of a dog, I have no trouble with believing they would treat the person as a dog. If someone turned into a rat, they'd feed it arsenic or keep it in a tiny cage.

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