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Subj: Re: Flaws...
Posted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 at 05:24:36 pm EST (Viewed 352 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Adjectiveless Avengers: Some things had to be said...
Posted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 at 03:39:55 pm EST (Viewed 425 times)

> Considering Prime happens immediately following Siege, yes.
Yeah. Huh, was thinking Steve could have added "You can stuff your sorries in a sack, mister!" afterall.

> What's "out of order?"
Telepaths with principles are always spouting how they don't listen in uninvited. Felt Prof was showing a lapse in judgement here.

> Does Steve actually want openness or does he just want to join the illuminati?
Ha! Talk about a Marvel twist.

> I think everybody, except people like Thing, should have just been drawn with heavy fur coats. YES, FUR!!!!!!
Well, maybe not fur, queue link to some sexy starlet's PETA ad, but yeah a uniform look/issue for all of the team would have looked better/logical. Hey, dont they have those Avengers Leather jackets in storage somewhere?

> Frankly, I still don't see the difference between the Illuminati and any/all the secrets that Steve or Nick Fury keep.
Just waiting for the story where Steve realizes this - an steps down.

> It would have if the heat wasn't kept back by a force field.
Yeah or was No-prize spitballing even some new pseudo-science heater-exhaust from one of the brainiacs on the team.

> America is all of the Free World, dontcha know? No other country is actually free. *winkwink*
Do you think the vagueness of Steve's title/jurisdiction, after all this time, bother readers to a great or small degree?

> Frankly, it seems rather dumb for anyone to have scars on Marvel Earth, even and especially Doom. Getting rid of them should be a cakewalk with the technology that exists.
True - well, at least some of 'em by now. New cure stories could be refreshingly welcome. Queue a story involving The Order. However, there might be examples of extentuating factors they stick: like magic curses, genetic replicating degradation (Deadpool?), cosmic decree, personal psychological preference, high costs, bioduplicate cell rejection, nanobyte defenses against techrepair (Deathlok?), etc. At least to keep ongoing charcter molds selling. Queue the outdated flawed face list. Thinking for some reason Whitney's cure won't stick - unless she uses the marketable Madame Masque to fool everyone into thinking she is still flawed.

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