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      well in wca he dissambled they need to wonderman's brain but he refused for selfish he wanted wanda for himself for this reason so he became emotionless vision

    Way back then though, the government intentionally erased his memories and programming. That was part of their goal, because he'd been in control of the entire world's computers when he tried to take over, and they saw him as a threat.

    This time, he merely got torn in half. Wait a second. Did I say "merely"? He really did get trashed. But who knows where physically in his body that his data is stored? Or how durable that portion is. It could go either way.

    If I were Vizh, after what happened before, I'd back myself up somehow. Somewhere there's a safety deposit box registered to a Victor Shade that needs to be discovered!


    Actually, now that you mention Simon being needed, it would make for a great character moment for Simon to spearhead getting the Vision put back together, and then this time he'd step up and give his brain patterns. It could help make up for him not doing it that other time.

I always agreed with Simon's choice not to donate his brainwaves back in AWC. His brainwaves were used to create the Vision's personality without his permission the first time...to me it would be about the same as stealing sperm from a freshly dead corpse and later use it to create a baby. It's a violation and Wanda was wrong to ask it of Simon.

Simon was Vision's friend but it's not his burden to submit to having his brainwaves copied so Vision can live again.

The super hero community these days just has no sense of boundaries. You have time traveling brats whining about how their parents never loved them enough and taking it out on their parents before the time travelers were even born. You have clones or alternate reality dopplegangers living with your mom in Smallville eating up all her food and probably not paying any bills. You have whiney wives begging for your brainwaves so they can reanimate their android husbands. You have crazy women artificially inseminating themselves with their dead lovers dna and then rapidly aging their offspring so they can have someone to talk to.

Just because you're a hero doesn't mean people have a right to violate you or blame you for crap you haven't even done yet.

Reverend Meteor (every week at least one hero you know has been violated, usually by someone they know and trust)