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Subj: Re: Chaos War #5
Posted: Sat Jan 29, 2011 at 12:09:11 pm EST (Viewed 15 times)
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    I guess I see it as something like the perception of being obligated to donate your kidney to a brother. It may make you a douchebag not to give it to him but your brother's wife doesn't have the right to demand you give it to your brother. Maybe you don't like your brother, maybe you want to bang his wife, maybe you don't want to lose a kidney in case the other one goes bad...whatever your reason doesn't matter. If you say you're not giving him the kidney that should be the end of it. It's your kidney.

The difference is that donating a kidney carries with it an element of risk.

    I hate Elysius. She violated her dead lover's memory and had a child that just shouldn't exist and then she steals Genis childhood. Evil skank.

I'm curious- how do you feel about Namora? She used an unstable cloning process to give birth to Namorita but nobody ever called her on it after she came back from the dead, even though Nita had to suffer through some painful transformations as a result.

    Between Genis origin and seeing he planned to murder his and Songbird's future son as an infant in his crib I don't care for the character. The gods granted my wish though when he was murdered by my favorite charscter Baron Helmut Zemo. I don't have qualms with Phyla yet but I would love for Helmut to finish off Elysius too.

You don't have any qualms with Phyla. What about the fact that she dated a rapist?