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Oooo a list... cant... resist...

Good list so far:

    Dr. Strange - Eye of Agamotto (and the Cloak of Levitation)
    Moonstone - the moonstones
    Daredevil - Billy Clubs
    Nightcrawler - Image Inducer
    Cyclops - Visor
    Hulk - Indestructible Pants
    Silver Surfer - Silver Surfer's Board
    Beta Ray Bill - Stormbreaker

    Devil Slayer - Shadow Cloak.
    Elsa Bloodstone- Bloodstone choker and other magical artifacts.
    Gauntlet- Alien power gauntlet.
    White Tiger- Tiger amulets that give you fighting skills and strength. AND VERY UNIQUE CAMOFLAUGE.
    Shaman- Medicine pouch.
    Swordsman- His sword was made by the Mandarin using Makluan technology for various effects.
    It the Living Colossus- Giant controllable statue.
    Marvel Boy (Robert Grayson)- Uranian headband.
    Cybermancer- She reverse engineered her armor from a piece left behind by her future self, which makes it unique, since it should be more advanced than anything anyone else has.
    Crusader- Reality altering ring. (which may have saved him)

    Black Knight's Ebony Blade is certainly unique.
    Hawkeye's trick arrows?
    Black Widow (Widow's Bite wristbands)
    Hercules (Golden Mace)
    Moon Knight (used to have his special weapons)
    USAgent (his shield)
    Darkhawk (armour; wait... nm... it's not really "unique")
    Quasar (Quantum Bands)
    Mar-Vell (Nega-Bands)
    Thunderstrike (his mace)
    Spider-Man (web shooters)
    Stingray (armour)
    Valkyrie (Dragonfang)

    Cyclop's Visor
    Captain Britain's Mace
    Sabra's Cape
    Would Wolverine's claws count?
    Black Panther's Vibranium claws (They were vibranium weren't they?)
    Mockingbird's battle staves
    Jack of Heart's armour
    Thunderbird's vibranium knives
    Storm's headdress
    Ant Man's helmet

And how 'bout:
Defensor - Vibranium-Armor and matching sword [if its even vibranium anymore - free story idea for anyone]
Loa - Amulet
Slapstick - Pockets [ala Shamans bag]
Ghost Rider - bike and chains
Hellstorm - Trident
Doc Voodoo(RIP but unlikely will) - wasnt his Staff special and he did yoink the Cloak of Levitation
Anti-Venom - Symbiote
Cpt Universe - Enigma Force (that count?)
Magik - Soulsword (Bloodstones?)
Magik - Souldagger (Bloodstones?)
Korvus - that big honkin' Phoenixsword thingee
Fantomex - EVA (if you wanna call him a hero)
Thor Girl - her hammer????
Shooting Star - SixShooters
Puck - Soulcutter *sheesh*
Juggernaut - Cyttorak Armor/Bands
Avona(RIP) - Bluetooth
ROM(RULES!) - Neutralizer
Adam Warlock - use to have a Soul Gem but now 4 of the Soul Gems still belong to 4 heroes as of this week...

Still missing my brother...

Namor Neptune's Trident
Deadpool Image inducer/teleporter
Dr. Doom Armour and that power absorption thing he used in Secret Wars and tried to use on Onslaught
Logan His claw and skeleton
Doc Ock tentacles
Herc mace, well may be Cho may have it tho
Calisto eye patch

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