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Subj: Re: If Avengers Academy weren't Avengers Academy who should be?
Posted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 at 02:54:53 am EST (Viewed 228 times)
Reply Subj: If Avengers Academy weren't Avengers Academy who should be?
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Imagine you were launching Avengers Academy #1. Who would you use?
My suggestion would be:

Hawkeye and Mockingbird as the instructors.

Speedball as a student.
Aegis (sort of dead, but still).
Mattie Franklin (again).
Amadeus Cho as the new Yellowjacket.
Gorilla Girl.


My ideas for a new avengers academy are:

MENTORS: Justice, Speedball, Ultragirl, Pym, Gauntlet, etc.


Trauma: Returning from walking the land to serve as an almost graduated field leader.

Wiccan: Adds magic to the team.

Hulkling: Adds a lover for wiccan.

Butterball: Returns with a special stark tech harness to give him flight and weapons. If you cannot improve him physically use tech.

Crusader: Back and openly skrull. His wish DID return him to life, and the avengers now realize that despite him wanting to keep his truth secret for both safety and suprise his training is not somplete until he uses all his capabilities.

and finally the monkey trio

Ape-X: I liked this guy, a pitty he didn't stick around long.

Gibbon: showed potential to be a fairly good hero in marvel apes.

Gorilla Girl: returning to training to hone her abilities more and filling out the monkey trio.