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Subj: Re: Who will be in the sequel? (MOVIE SPOILERS)
Posted: Wed May 23, 2012 at 03:49:41 am EDT (Viewed 222 times)
Reply Subj: Who will be in the sequel? (MOVIE SPOILERS)
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    4) Hulk - It's hard for me to imagine them selling an Avengers movie without any of the (movieverse) "Big 4".

I'd be happy if they introduce She Hulk or Red Hulk in the next Hulk movie and use them instead of Hulk.

    10) Black Panther - maybe. They could bring in Klaw and/or Man-Ape. Keep it grounded on planet Earth and get away from aliens for a bit, but could keep Thanos in the background with something Vibranium related...

They would have to bring him in another movie. I'd rather have Shuri instead of T'Challa.

    21) Falcon - not impossible. Wondering what he'd bring to the table that Iron Man doesn't...

He is the most likely to appear. The team will need some racial diversity and Falcon will probably be inroduced in Captain America 2. Also he is just a dude with artificial wings, so they don't have to spend time explaining how he got his powers.

    34) Gilgamesh - Bring in the Eternals? no way.

They could be in a 2d Thor Movie. But I don't see any of them in an Avengers movie, although Sersi would be awesome.

    53) Ant-Man (Lang) - remote possibility. Without Pym there's no Ultron, and surely we'll get Ultron at some point...? So Pym would have to be there first, and be there as Giant Man or Goliath. Seems like more trouble than it's worth to bring in Lang.

They need Pym, but they don't need him to be Ant-Man. He can just be the scientist who developps the suit and then Ultron.
As Ant-Man, I'd love to see Eric O'Grady but unfortunately, Marvel is the House of Past, so that's not gonna happen.

    From here we go into Secret Avengers & Shattered Heroes (Whatever that is), and stuff I don't read, so I'll stop. But if anyone feels passionately about Prince of Orphans joining the Movie-verse Avengers, chime on in!

The Skrulls are from another dimension, so the Krees may be so.
A Kree from another dimension? Noh Varr! Way more interesting than Mar Vell.