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Subj: Re: Who will be in the sequel? (MOVIE SPOILERS)
Posted: Wed May 23, 2012 at 11:28:54 am EDT (Viewed 221 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Who will be in the sequel? (MOVIE SPOILERS)
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    I think the most likely choices would be -

    Black Panther and Carol Danvers (whatever name they decide to go with for her)

I don't think they will have Black Panther. At least not unless he has his own movie come out first. There are a lot of stupid over reactionary white people who will take umbrage with a potentially blockbuster movie coming out with a character with that codename and a big deal will be made out of it by crazed right wing nutjobs who won't listen to logic.

If they test the waters first with a Black Panther movie and no controversy comes out of it then it should be fine to include Black Panther in an Avengers movie. I don't think they would risk the money they stand to make with the sequel of such a high performing movie as Avengers with a character that could lead to a distracting and unintentional controversy about the Black Panther Party.

    I would LOVE to see Hank and Jan, but I am kind of inclined to think they might be more likely to actually join the team maybe along with Vision in A3...I think they really should have a major focus with an Ultron story and not just be on the team 'just cuz'

I only want wife beater Hank. As a character in his own right he's boring. As a horribly written one time wife beater he was at least interesting.

    I think some off-beat but could-work choices would be -

    Falcon - amp up his fighting skills to make him really kickass, give him a friendship with Cap that the others don't have and I can see Redwing swooping in for some cool last-minute save/distraction kind of moves

Falcon I could see in the movie. If Black Panther can't be in the sequel then Falcon should be. They need at least one black member for diversity.

    Mantis - her martial arts make her perfect for amazing fight scenes, and the powers she has are generally subtle enough so as not to require too much suspension of disbelief

Yuk. And the whole movie she would be saying "this one" all the time instead of saying "I" or "me". And she already has the stereotypical Asian martial arts master thing going on. Pass.

    Monica Rambeau - I could see her as a SHIELD agent really easily, and her powers would be FREAKIN' AMAZING in a superhero movie!!!

But she's as dull as dish water. I know this is an unpopular opinion but to me Monica Rambeau is the epitome of boring. Why? Because they have tried to make her such a positive role model for black females they never gave her any interesting faults. Seriously she's just too perfect to do anything interesting with.

To me more than any other character at Marvel Monica represents positive discrimination. In a wonderful effort to never make her into a bad ethnic stereotype they forgot to make her a compelling character. She's just there as the nice hyper competent black woman whose never done anything to anger everyone as far as I can tell.

Storm may not be the best example with her blue eyes and asian features but she at least is a complex black female character with layers to her.

    Mar-Vell - weird choice, but could totally see them going that route, even if it's just for him to sacrifice himself at the end of the film to save the day

    She-Hulk - I would LOVE to see Shulkie in a movie. I don't know if they would go with two Hulks in a team, but I think she'd have awesome chemistry with the Robert Downey JR Tony Stark \:\)