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Go back and read the early issues of Marv's series, it looks like feelings were developing between them. Also her powers initially came from being exposed to the energies of the Kree Psyche Magnatron as Mar-Vell rescued her and his genetic imprint for lack of a better term was passed into her (minds out of gutter please, it was the machine energy that did it \:\) ) This gave her the powers she has/had as Ms. Marvel, basically Mar-Vell amped up. Then she is put into a coma by Rogue and if my memory is working right, she was in the coma when Marv died.

So it is part guilt that she wasn't there to comfort him as he fell ill and also perhaps some guilt that maybe her Mar-Vell altered DNA may have held a CURE. Also part love.

Avengers thinking CM an impostor makes sense given how he died and Captain SKRULL-Vell

    17,000 dimensional perception streams is a neat detail. Seems a power up for how Cosmic Awareness is processed - good or bad.

Marv's Cosmic Awareness was never fully defined in his old series, anything in PAD's CM series with GENIS should be considered only to apply to Genis since he inherited the power but not the control and discipline that Marv had. I don't think he is amped up in terms of his awarenss, after all with his awareness he easily was defeating the Controller in his first fight as the Protector, was able to hold out against THANOS before Thanos used the cube to merge with the universe. Marv also divined how to stop THANOS by shattering the cube. Marv was later able to easily outfight and outmaneuver Drax when Drax was hunting Marv for killing Thanos instead of Drax. Basically I think of Cosmic Awareness for lack of a better comparison as having access to the Force. Marv can see anything and everything that is, will be or might be, but unlike his offspring he has control.

    Bad: PF can jumpstart a race but only make cancer cells inert?!

Yeah I have to call Marvel Comics out on this: HOW can you say that an entity that destroys living planets, gives life to dead planets can only make cancer cells INERT????? Also how are we defining INERT? Inert as in permanent remission? Or inert as in: SEEK TREATMENTS NOW WHILE YOU STILL HAVE A SECOND CHANCE???????? I have DoCM in my library and I lived the events live as it were back in 2009 when someone near and dear to me died from cancer, but I still want Marv back and I don't feel that bringing him back is a slap in the face to cancer and its victims. THIS IS THE PHOENIX FORCE MARVEL!!!!!!!!! It should have totally rejuvenated Marv and FRIED all cancer cells within him.

CM beating Vizh and THOR is possible with his awareness, also the full limits of Marv's photonic powers were never defined. The nega bands gave him 10 ton strength level, absorbing photonic energy added 5 tons to that for 15, but then comes cosmic awareness and Marv now fully understands his powers and limits.....and later in his series he fights Drax to a stalemate....the same Drax that is meant to kill THANOS.....

As to Supreme Intelligence wanting to stimulate the Kree race, as I recall a prior evolution had occurred to the Kree but it was basically retconned back to their Kirby classic evolution dead end state. Also this Supreme Intelligence as I understand it is a new one created from a seed left behind by the original that Ronan carried and he used two alternate Earth Reed Richards as its new brain core (see issues of FF). If such is the case it may be running on old memories or else it previously concluded the Phoenix could jumpstart the Kree....if it doesn't kill them all. Phoenix tends to destroy the living and recreate things......sounds like the Genesis bomb in Star Trek 2, eh?

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